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Elon Musk has launched Neuralink, a start-up which aims to develop technology that connects our brains to computers.

A report from the Wall Street Journal, later confirmed in a tweet by Elon Musk, said Neuralink was in its very early stages and registered as a “medical research” company.

Neuralink will develop so-called “neural lace” technology which would implant tiny electrodes into the brain.

The technique could be used to improve memory or give humans added artificial intelligence.

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According to the Journal, leading academics in the field have been signed up to work at the company which is being funded privately by Tesla chief executive.

Specialists in the field envision a time when humans may be able to upload and download thoughts.

In a tweet on March 28, Elon Musk confirmed the existence of Neuralink and said more details about the company would be made public next week via WaitButWhy – a site known for illustrating its lengthy post with often crude but charming stick figure drawings.

Elon Musk is considered one of Silicon Valley’s most visionary figures – and surely now its busiest.

As well as heading electric carmaker Tesla, Elon Musk is involved with running space exploration company Space X, a project to reinvent transport called Hyperloop and, most recently, a company investigating the feasibility of boring tunnels underneath Los Angeles – and a new project to power Australia.

Tweeting about Neuralink, Elon Musk conceded it would be “difficult to dedicate the time, but existential risk is too high not to”.



NFL stars Steve Weatherford and Sidney Rice say they will donate their brains for medical research after their deaths.

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford and former Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice want to support studies into brain injuries.

Many former players in the sport suffer degenerative brain disease.

“There are a lot of issues that stem from brain injuries and it’s not just professional athletes. This affects everybody,” Steve Weatherford said.

Sidney Rice won the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks last year before retiring – at the age of 27 – over fears for his long-term health after absorbing so many blows to the head.Steve Weatherford and Sidney Rice to donate brains for medical research

Both players said they hoped their commitment could persuade others to support research into brain injuries.

About 4,500 former players are suing the National Football League (NFL) over head injuries suffered during their careers. They are close to a settlement worth about $1 billion.

“A lot of my team-mates and a lot of close friends have dealt with concussions and the depression that comes with that,” said Steve Weatherford.

Steve Weatherford and Sidney Rice made a joint announcement to coincide with Brain Injury Awareness Month in the US.

Sidney Rice estimates he suffered between 15 and 20 concussions playing American Football from the age of eight.

“I had my fair share of fun in the NFL,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t educated enough on what concussions can lead to. The brain studies by the doctors will be huge to help, maybe prevent.”