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If you always dreamed of starting your own business, but never had enough time or courage to do so, 12 months of maternity leave might be the chance you were looking for. Planning a maternity leave can be stressful, taking into account that you will have to abandon your workplace and regular daily routines for a significant amount of time. However, if you discover that you still have a considerable period of maternity leave ahead, you can use that time to rearrange your thoughts and start with something new.
start your own business

Before you start

First of all, you should think about your goals and priorities in life, and in which way your carrier is going. Starting your own business is a big change and it requires careful planning before you actually embark upon this journey. Weigh down the benefits and downsides of being self-employed. Although you choose what, where, and how much is being done, trying to balance home and work can be tiring, so make sure you can rise up to the challenge.

Choose your business

Consider whether you want to keep your job while you are starting another one. When it comes to choosing an area of profession, think about your interests and abilities. Consider your hobbies and skills and try to combine them. Your new business does not have to be radically different from your current job. However, if they are similar, and you choose to keep both jobs, it is best to present your idea to your employers to avoid conflicts and see if you can reach an agreement.

Make a plan

There are many sources of information that can help you opt for a particular area of profession. A significant amount of literature is available in libraries, bookshops, as well as on the Internet. Once you start working from home, you can also resort to the Internet for help with juggling work and family. Also, bear in mind the matter of funding. Starting a new business requires sufficient amount of money, so make sure you have a budget that fits your needs.
start your own business

Computer-based business

One of the most popular and most common types of small business start-ups is computer-based business. It offers a variety of choices, from freelance writing and graphic design to personal accounting and marketing. All you need is a home computer and an Internet connection.

Service business

Service-oriented business is another profitable idea. This type of business encompasses a wide range of jobs, such as tutoring, consulting, carpentry, gardening, plumbing, home health care, and so on. Among these, carpentry might be an interesting idea for a new business.

New business


Carpentry is a long-standing and gainful business. One potential benefit of making it your new business is that you can team up with your partner if he has prior experience in this field. In that way you can start a business together and therefore make the entire process easier. However, for proper woodwork, it is also important to have the right power tools. A quality Jet drill press is designed to achieve maximum performance. In addition, it contains many specific features, such as built-in LED work light. If you opt for carpentry as a start-up business, this drill press should become an essential part of your tool equipment.

Starting a new business on maternity leave can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but with proper organization it can be achieved. Choose a job that suits your interests and skills, get informed thoroughly, make a plan, follow advice on balancing work and family, and start fulfilling your forgotten dreams and ambitions.

In his annual State of the Union address to Congress, President Barack Obama has declared an end to the financial crisis and pledged economic policies to benefit all Americans.

Barack Obama outlined his strategy for “middle-class economics in a speech devised to appeal to working families”.

“It’s now up to us to choose who we want to be over the next 15 years,” he said.

However, the plans are unlikely to make it past a Republican-controlled Congress.

In a speech which he described as more focused on values than policies, Barack Obama declared America had turned a page after the worst recession since the Depression.

The president said he planned to build on this growth by providing working families with help in the form of sick and maternity leave and affordable childcare.

“Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort?”

His speech included plans to build a competitive economy by improving America’s infrastructure and providing free access to community college.

“This plan is your chance to graduate ready for a new economy, without a load of debt,” Barack Obama said.

Photo Reuters

Photo Reuters

At the weekend, the White House pledged to close tax loopholes on large inheritances, raise capital gains tax on the richest earners from 23.8% to 28% and introduce new fees on US financial companies with assets about $50 billion.

Some senior members of the Republican party dismissed this as “class warfare”.

Other plans outlined by the president include:

  • improve statutory sick leave and minimum wage
  • help nine million students to pay for community college
  • stronger cybersecurity and consumer protection
  • continue with plans to shut the prison in Guantanamo
  • equal pay for men and women

On foreign policy, Barack Obama said America reserved the “right to act unilaterally” in hunting down terrorists and called on Congress to pass a resolution to authorize the use of force against Islamic State.

The president reiterated his belief that the US could negotiate an agreement to prevent Iran gaining nuclear weapons and said he would veto any new sanctions bill which threatens this.

He said his decision to end America’s long-standing policy on Cuba and try something new had the potential to “end a legacy of mistrust in our hemisphere”.

Alan Gross, who was recently released after spending five years in a Cuban prison, was among Michelle Obama’s guests for the speech.

In ending his address, Barack Obama said he was optimistic he could work with Congress, despite months of political gridlock.

“I have no more campaigns to run. My only agenda for the next two years is the same as the one I’ve had since the day I swore an oath on the steps of this Capitol – to do what I believe is best for America,” he said.

But consensus with the Republican party on many of the issues he outlined is unlikely.

In their official rebuttal, Republican senator and rising star, Joni Ernst, said Americans have not seen solutions from Barack Obama and criticized his health and immigration policies.

“Americans have been hurting, but when we demanded solutions, too often Washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like ObamaCare,” she said.

The senator called on Barack Obama to work with Republicans on issues where they might have common ground – including a trade deal and tax code reform.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have “decided not to find out” the gender of their baby, royal officials say.

The royal baby will be delivered in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London – where Princess Diana had her sons.

The baby is due in mid-July, and Prince William hopes he will be present if his RAF duties allow.

St James’s Palace officials have appealed for an “appropriate degree of sensitivity” regarding the birth.

It is understood Prince William will take two weeks’ paternity leave – as allowed by the Ministry of Defence – but royal officials said the length of the duchess’s maternity leave is a personal matter for her.

The birth was a “very personal matter for the duke and duchess,” officials said.

“But they also know it’s a time to celebrate and many will want to share in their joy.”

Asking for “sensitivity”, officials added that events at the King Edward VII Hospital – where a nurse was found hanged after a prank call to the hospital when the duchess was being treated for morning sickness – were “still strong in the memory”.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided not to find out the gender of their baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided not to find out the gender of their baby

The unborn child is in line to become the 43rd monarch since the Norman Conquest.

Once Kate Middleton goes into labor, there will be no further public statement until the baby is born and the Queen, the Middleton family and other senior Royals have been told.

The baby will be delivered by Marcus Setchell, the Queen’s gynaecologist.

When the baby is born, an official announcement will be signed by medical staff and driven to Buckingham Palace – almost certainly under police escort.

The notice will then be placed at the palace central gates. This will form the official announcement, as was the case when Prince William’s birth was announced 31 years ago this Friday.

Reports suggest there will also be a gun salute to mark the birth.

But the name of the child – who will be third in line to the throne – remains a subject for speculation. It is not yet known how long after the birth an announcement will be made.

When Prince Harry was born, the public were told his name the day his mother left hospital. But it took almost a week for his older brother’s name to be announced.

Princess Diana gave birth to both William, in 1982, and Harry, in 1984, in the Lindo Wing where fees for a delivery start at £5,000 ($8,000).

A palace spokesman asked the media to “ensure that the normal functions of the hospital are not impeded” by the presence of journalists.

Kate Middleton attended the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Saturday – the last time she is expected to be seen in public before the baby is due.