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Bernie Sanders has said his judgement is as important as the experience of his rival Hillary Clinton.

During the last Democratic debate in Iowa a week before the selection process begins, Bernie Sanders also admitted that he would raise taxes if he won, adding some families would still be better off.

Hillary Clinton once had a comfortable opinion poll lead in the state.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are now running neck-and-neck. Martin O’Malley is a distant third.

Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have a clear lead over five other candidates seeking the GOP nomination.

During the CNN’s televised debate in Des Moines, Iowa, at which the three candidates appeared separately, Hillary Clinton praised the “poetry” of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign but said the country was “governed in prose”.

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Photo Getty Images

Her critics “throw all this stuff at me – and I’m still standing”, she said.

The Vermont senator, who has energized young voters with his call for a political revolution, repeated his pledge to “take on the greed of corporate America”.

Bernie Sanders contrasted his own commitment to a “Medicare-for-all” program and free public university tuition to Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize the Iraq war and early support for the controversial Canada to Texas Keystone pipeline.

Hillary Clinton highlighted her “40-year record in going after inequality” and suggested Bernie Sanders was ill-equipped to face the tough challenge of being president.

She also said she was “really touched and gratified” to see comments from President Barack Obama in a Politico interview, in which he called her “wicked smart” and suggested Bernie Sanders benefited from “the luxury of being a complete long shot”.

Barack Obama has not endorsed any candidate and the Sanders campaign has applauded his “even-handedness” throughout the campaign.

Martin O’Malley, meanwhile, was cheered when he cited climate change as the issue young Americans should be most concerned about.


Pfizer’s bid for AstraZeneca is being questioned by senators and Maryland and Delaware governors.

Maryland and Delaware governors have written to Pfizer’s boss saying they are “very concerned” about the deal and the possibilities of job losses in their states.

Meanwhile senators Carl Levin and Roy Wyden are looking to close the tax loophole that Pfizer plans to use.

One of the attractions of the deal to Pfizer is that it could significantly lower the company’s tax bill.

Pfizer's bid for AstraZeneca is being questioned by senators and Maryland and Delaware governors

Pfizer’s bid for AstraZeneca is being questioned by senators and Maryland and Delaware governors

In a strategy known as “tax inversion” Pfizer could pay the UK corporate tax rate of 20%, rather than the 35% rate applied in the US, if it bought AstraZeneca.

Senator Carl Levin said in a statement: “I’ve long been concerned about inversions – companies moving offshore on paper, for tax purposes, while the management and operations remain in the United States.

“It’s become increasingly clear that a loophole in our tax laws allowing these inversions threatens to devastate federal tax receipts.

“We have to close that loophole. I am talking to my colleagues about legislation to close the loophole, which I intend to introduce soon.”

Meanwhile governors Martin O’Malley and Jack Markell are concerned about job losses.

AstraZeneca employs approximately 3,100 people in Maryland, and has around 2,600 staff in Delaware.

The governors are concerned about reports that Pfizer has given assurances to the UK government that there will be no British job losses at AstraZeneca.

They say they have had no similar assurances about AstraZeneca facilities in their states.

“Our concern is exacerbated by Pfizer’s history of closing US research facilities, including sites in Michigan and Illinois, after closing on previous corporate transactions,” Martin O’Malley and Jack Markell said in a statement.