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The Simpsons agree to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming election in a new video clip released by 20th Century Fox.

The standalone clip, entitled 3am, has been made public via YouTube.

Donald Trump is seen with a copy of a book called Great Speeches by A. Hitler in the video.

When Homer Simpson signals that he might vote for Donald Trump, Marge says: “If that’s your vote, I question whether I can ever be with you again.”

He replies: “And that’s how I became a Democrat.”Simpsons divorce rumors

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to face each other in the presidential election, which takes place on November 8.

Marge and Homer Simpson’ discussion comes about when Marge says that she “can’t make love until I’ve decided who to vote for”.

The narrator then poses the question: “It’s 3am and the phone is ringing in the White House – who do you want to answer that call?”

The question is a reference to Hillary Clinton’s political campaign of 2008, which ran an ad featuring a ringing phone at 3am, asking Americans who they wanted leading their country during a time of crisis.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are then seen responding to such a phone call.

Donald Trump responds by saying: “Not now, I’m on Twitter.”

The Republican then orders an aide to: “Put my name on the Lincoln memorial, disband NATO… and make me some scrambled eggs on gold plates.”

Former President Bill Clinton is seen initially answering the phone with: “The situation room? I’ll be right there.”

Bill Clinton’s face then falls as he hands the phone to Hillary, saying: “Oh, it’s for you.”

Hillary Clinton replies: “Yes, from now on, it’s always for me.”


Homer and Marge Simpson have denied they are divorcing after 26 series of cult show The Simpsons.

In a video posted online, called Together Forever, Marge Simpsons says: “Homie and I are here to address baseless rumors that we are going to split up.”Simpsons divorce rumors

The rumor mill kicked in after Al Jean, one of the original writers of the show, said that there could be a legal separation for the pair.

Al Jean made the comments in an interview with Variety magazine, which discussed various future storylines.

Homer Simpson then goes on to ask why “news media guys can’t cover more important things”.

“Now listen here, Marjorie and I are as solid as a rock,” he adds.

However, Al Jean tweeted: @thesimpsons #EverySimpsonsEver Re: season premiere, Bart’s “death” click bait headlines may not reflect truth. U r playing into our hands!”


The Simpsons will meet Family Guy for a crossover episode, Fox announced Thursday.

The two highly popular animated comedies are scheduled to meet in autumn of 2014 in a mash-up which will surely have fans jumping for joy.

The episode will take place in The Simpsons’ hometown of Springfield, where Family Guy‘s Griffin family will show up for what will surely be hilarious interaction.

The mash-up has been dubbed The Simpsons Guy and will surely be a win for Fox, which is the home of both shows.

The Simpsons will meet Family Guy for a crossover episode

The Simpsons will meet Family Guy for a crossover episode

According to Fox, when the Griffin family arrives in Springfield during a road trip, they “get along famously” with the Simpsons.

Homer Simpson “welcomes his new <<albino>> friends with open arms”, the episode synopsis explains.

When the famous cartoon families meet, of course Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin will go head to head over which beer is better – Duff or Pawtucket.

Family matriarchs Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin are apparently set to become pals, whilst Stewie and Bart will bond over their mutual love for pranks.

Fox gave comments on behalf of their characters, with Peter Griffin saying: “Fox hasn’t spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight T-shirt shopping,” and Homer Simpson adding: “Finally I can get my hands on this guy!”

The Simpsons, created by Matt Groening, and Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, have never had an official crossover episode.

Seth MacFarlane has appeared in an episode of The Simpsons, and Dan Castellaneta of The Simpsons made an appearance on Family Guy, but that has been the extent of it to date.

The Simpsons has been running for 24 seasons now, while Family Guy is in its 11th season.

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