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The UK’s first-ever breakfast gelato menu has launched at Comboco in Soho, London.

There’s cereal milk gelato flavour, inspired by the sweet, starchy milk Americans are fond of adding to their breakfast bowls.

Then there is the unusual pancakes and maple syrup flavor, as well as toast with whipped butter.

For those on a diet, frozen yoghurt with granola may be the ideal option, and for those nursing a hangover, there are few more bracing starts to the day than a Bloody Mary gelato. The cocktail is re-imagined as an ice cool tomato sorbet, spiked with Tabasco and a heady hit of Worcestershire Sauce.

Customers can put some rocket fuel into their day with a rich coffee ice cream, the double espresso gelato.

Depending on the recipe and the person making it, dairy-based gelato contains around 16-24% sugar and 100g of the sugary treat packs around 216 calories.

However, while the breakfast ice cream may not aid dieters, it is said to help cure hangovers.

The cold effect causes more blood to be sent to the brain as a defense mechanism to try to keep the brain warm.

Comboco launched Breakfast Gelato menu

Comboco launched Breakfast Gelato menu

The increased circulation is said to help your brain recover from the dreaded booze-fuelled night before.

Also on offer for £3 ($5) a scoop at Comboco are other eccentric varieties such as the rich avocado, pear and gorgonzola, the mind-boggling scrambled eggs and, for those with more expensive taste, the opulent truffle oil and mushroom gelato, alongside more traditional flavors, such as bronte pistachio, kentish strawberry and Madagascan vanilla.

Comboco was founded by ex-City worker, Ashish Saggar, and have previously created special flavors for Pacha’s launch for River Island.

Speaking about their innovative new offering, the Comboco team said: “Our Breakfast Gelato Menu is a bit of fun to cheer up the Capital after this dull start to the summer.

“Every flavor is made using the finest organic milk but we don’t recommend that city dwellers enjoy this indulgent treat every day…it’s just for special occasions!”

Comboco quirky breakfast flavors on offer:

Cereal Milk Gelato
Pancakes & Maple Syrup Gelato
Toast with Whipped Butter Gelato
Frozen Yoghurt with Granola
Bloody Mary Sorbet
Double Espresso Gelato

Anna Friel has revealed she relies on the “Master Cleanse” regime, which sees food replaced with a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice, to stay slender.

Anna Friel, 36, told Grazia magazine: It’s amazing. I’ve been drinking it for two months and I feel so much better and my skin has really benefitted.

“If you’re vain, as you get older you start thinking, <<I’ve got to do everything I can to save my skin>>. I’ve tried everything!”

Other celebrity fans of the Master Cleanse include Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé, who lost 20 lbs in just two weeks ahead of filming her movie Dreamgirls by sticking to the plan.

Beyoncé said of the diet: “I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. It was tough; everyone was eating and I was dying.”

Anna Friel relies on the Master Cleanse regime, which sees food replaced with a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice, to stay slender

Anna Friel relies on the Master Cleanse regime, which sees food replaced with a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon juice, to stay slender

Restricting her food allowance isn’t the only way Anna Friel maintains her youthful allowance, as she told the publication she is also a fan of the celebrity favorite “vampire facelift”.

She said: “Vampire facials involve taking two vials of blood from your arm and re-injecting it back into your skin.

“It’s meant to help your skin heal itself and boosts collagen. It makes my skin really glowy and tight again.”

In addition, Anna Friel has regular Cryoderm treatments prior to red carpet appearances – a treatment which involves the skin being warmed up with a machine to stimulate collagen production and therefore reduce the signs of wrinkles – as well as giving herself a DIY version of the method at home.

The actress explained: “I always have a Cryoderm treatment before a red carpet. People say I look really good afterwards.

“I also do the old-fashioned method at home, where I fill my sink with ice cubes and hold them on my face for a minute.”

Ageing is clearly a huge concern for Anna Friel, who said that she will try absolutely anything in a bid to stay looking young.

Anna Friel added: “I felt sick recently because I found one or two grey hair and I read that curry leave help maintain your hair color, so I mix them with hot water and drink it as a tea.

“I’m always searching for pure, natural skin products and Trilogy is great for that too. Their Everything Balm is fantastic.”