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Minnesota State Fair has released a belly-busting list of 47 news food available to visitors.

Deep fried meatloaf, bacon candied cannelloni, lobster macaroni cheese, fried fare, savory and sweet, makes up most of the list of refreshments available during the 12-day fair, which runs from August 22 to Labor Day on September 2.

State fairs are known for their unhealthy offerings, which in the past have included deep-fried butter on a stick, but Minnesota’s food vendors have come up with some creative – and highly calorific – creations.

Dietician Kristi Pink said: “When you think of the portions that are provided at the fair on top of how many calories and how many fat calories are in that, it’s kind of disgusting because of lot of us over indulge on a daily basis.”

Minnesota State Fair 2013 hypercaloric menu

Minnesota State Fair 2013 hypercaloric menu

When she checked the calorie count of food sold at the state fair in 2011 she found that the fat and calorie content soon stacked up, according to CBS Minnesota.

“It’s like thousands of calories and most people – an average woman – doesn’t even need 2,000 calories a day,” she said.

While they may be unhealthy if eaten regularly, the fatty feast on offer is a treat many look forward to at the annual state fair.

Minnesota State Fair has released a belly-busting list of 47 news food available to visitors

Minnesota State Fair has released a belly-busting list of 47 news food available to visitors

And, with attractions spread out across 320 acres there will be plenty of opportunities to burn off the calories, or work up an appetite for a second helping.

As soon as the details of the new offerings were released, fans of the state fair took to its Facebook page to show their approval.

The candied bacon cannelloni and battered olives were popular early choices, as were the funnel cake sundaes and chocolate pickles.

New additions to the menu, including Moe & Joe’s mouth-watering grilled glazed donut or the more daring fried pickles served with chocolate will be served up at the fair ground alongside old favorites such as St. Paul’s Mancini’s – bread cones filled with meatballs, a steak sandwich and garlic toast.

Food vendors have a new take on bar food too, with Bourbon infused wurst, wine-glazed meatloaf and battered onion rings made with local craft beer Indeed Daytripper.

Those with a sweet tooth can sample funnel cake sundaes, deep-fried bread pudding, donut batter ice cream, or peanut butter and jelly malts.

For more refined treats, visitors can tuck into deep-fried olives, fresh lobster in creamy macaroni cheese, or a Minnepumpkin pie.

And, for those feeling adventurous, a Comet Corn made from crunchy caramel corn in liquid nitrogen is on offer. The cold treat leaves a trail of “comet dust” smoking from the diner’s mouth and nose.

If the state fair food vendors run out of batter they can always head to the pavilion where 90 lb butter sculptures are crafted to grab some supplies.

Kristi Pink has advised that those wanting to ditch the diet and relax at Minnesota State Fair should consider sharing their food with family and friends, and washing it down with water rather than a soda.