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Dolce & Gabbana fashion house has decided to pull its products from Chinese e-commerce sites as the backlash against a controversial ad campaign grows.

The Italian fashion house posted videos this week showing a Chinese model struggling to eat pasta and pizza with chopsticks.

The D&G campaign was accused of trivializing Chinese culture and promoting unflattering stereotypes.

The controversy risks alienating Dolce & Gabbana from one of the world’s biggest luxury markets.

Chinese celebrities have called for a boycott of the brand.

The D&G crisis deepened when messages allegedly written by co-founder Stefano Gabbana, which included offensive comments about Chinese people, went viral.

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The company apologized for any offence but said it and Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram accounts had been hacked.

On November 23, D&G offered a fresh apology by publishing a video showing Stefano Gabbana and co-founder Domenico Dolce appealing for their “misunderstanding of Chinese culture” to be forgiven.

Earlier this week, the Italian company canceled its fashion show in Shanghai.

However, the backlash has continued as retailers in China retreated from the brand.

On November 23, Dolce & Gabbana products were not available in China on major e-commerce sites Taobao and JD.com, as well as smaller platforms Kaola and Secoo.

China is a crucial market for luxury brands. A 2018 report by consultancy Bain & Company forecast the luxury goods market in mainland China will grow by up to 22% this year.


The Bank of China is facing a daily fine in the US if it does not comply with a court request to give details of customers accused of selling fake goods.

The state-owned lender was held in contempt of court in Manhattan last week for refusing to turn over the records.

The bank is appealing the civil contempt order and fine of $50,000 a day starting on December 8.

The BOC said it would be violating China’s privacy law if it gave the information.

The records stem from a 2010 lawsuit by a group of luxury retailers including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent that sued a group of Chinese companies for allegedly selling counterfeits goods like handbags.Bank of China fake luxury goods

The luxury brands had asked US district judge Richard Sullivan to order the BOC to pay $12 million to cover their losses from counterfeiting or impose a fine.

The judge had initially ordered the BOC to provide the customer information in 2011 and then renewed the order in September.

“BOC’s refusal to comply with US law, while it continues to receive the benefits attendant to its banking activity in the US, has inflicted a significant harm on plaintiffs and the general public,” Richard Sullivan said.

“Only a large fine will have a coercive effect on BOC at this stage.”

He has also ordered the top-four Chinese lender to cover the retailers’ legal costs.

But the BOC said the judge lacked the jurisdiction to force its compliance.

The BOC is China’s fourth biggest lender by assets and made a profit of nearly $28 billion in 2014.


Nicole Kidman features Jimmy Choo’s just-released Spring/Summer 2014 campaign.

The actress said in a post on the Jimmy Choo website: “It was fun to shoot new and surprising perspectives, it felt a little bit daring dangerous.”

Nicole Kidman features Jimmy Choo's just-released Spring/Summer 2014 campaign

Nicole Kidman features Jimmy Choo’s just-released Spring/Summer 2014 campaign

“I loved the minimal styling and how the shoes and bags became like a sensual second skin to me.”

In the shot, Nicole Kidman appears posing with Jimmy Choo’s neon Charlize clutch, which retails for $2,195.

[youtube YBibY4-INvM 650]