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Michael Brown’s stepfather is being investigated for inciting illegal activity during protests in Ferguson.

Video of Louis Head shows him yelling: “Burn this [place] down!” before last week’s riots over perceived racial injustice in the Missouri town.

Louis Head spoke as a grand jury announced no charges for a white police officer who shot and killed the unarmed teenager.

The incident sparked a nationwide dialogue about race relations.Michael Brown's stepfather investigated

St Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman told reporters on December 2 that authorities want to talk to Louis Head about his comments amid a larger investigation into arson and looting during the Ferguson protests.

Twelve commercial buildings were destroyed by fire that night, after the jury’s decision was announced.

Family attorney Benjamin Crump has called Louis Head’s recorded comments “raw emotion”.

The officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Darren Wilson, resigned from the force over the weekend.

The policeman said he had feared for his life, but Michael Brown’s supporters said the teenager was attempting to surrender when he was shot.

The investigation into Louis Head comes one day after President Barack Obama requested $263 million to improve police training, pay for body cameras and restore trust in policing.

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