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Lollapalooza festival ended its final day early after a second severe storm threatened Chicago.

Florence & the Machine finished their set with Dog Days before running off stage on the final day.

Tens of thousands of festivalgoers had to leave the city’s Grant Park as lightning threatened the area.

Fans were told to evacuate and go to one of three underground parking garages designated as emergency evacuation shelters.

Promoters made the decision to evacuate about an hour before it began to rain.

Weather also caused the festival’s schedule to be interrupted in August 2012.

“We’ll push messaging out via our socials, we’ll also have on all of the screen stages, messaging light up, as well as announcements over the PAs throughout the park so that everyone is in the know,” said Brooke Leal, Fresh Clean Media.Lollapalooza 2015 storm evacuation

Some ticketholders thought the evacuation was unnecessary.

Before the storms put the stage acts scheduled to perform on Lollapalooza’s third and final day on hold, crowds were looking for some relief from the hot and steamy weather.

When the rain stopped, people started to head back to the park and waited for the music festival to officially re-open.

Excited music fans streamed through the entrance, ready to pick up where they left off.

No acts were canceled because of the storm.

Meanwhile, Chicago officials say rapper Travis Scott is facing disorderly conduct charges after encouraging fans to jump over security barricades during his performance at Lollapalooza on August 1.

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster, was arrested on the second day of the three-day music festival in downtown Chicago.

Office of Emergency Management spokeswoman Melissa Stratton says Travis Scott performed one song, then began telling fans to come over the barricades.

She says Travis Scott left the scene but was taken into custody a short time later.


Lollapalooza’s first European edition is to be held in Berlin in 2015, organizers have announced.

Lollapalooza music festival, held in Chicago since 1991, will land in Berlin’s Tempelhof airport site in September 2015.

Founder Perry Ferrell, lead singer of Jane’s Addiction, said Berlin’s “energy and vibrant art and music scenes” made it a perfect fit for Lollapalooza.

Other versions of the festival already take place in South America.

Next year will see events in Santiago, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, as well as Berlin and Chicago.

Lollapalooza music festival, held in Chicago since 1991, will land in Berlin's Tempelhof airport site in September 2015

Lollapalooza music festival, held in Chicago since 1991, will land in Berlin’s Tempelhof airport site in September 2015

Perry Farrell added that Berlin is “a mirror reflection of what Lollapalooza is all about and I can’t wait to share in this cultural exchange”.

The festival’s website announced that the tradition of its US event for “bringing incredible music, food, art and social responsibility” would be transported to the German capital.

Tempelhof is closed to air traffic but its runways remain intact, and has been the venue for various rock concerts over the years.

Lollapalooza started life in 1991 as a touring festival in the US and championed non-mainstream rock acts and culture.

In 2005 Lollapalooza became an annual weekend music festival based in Chicago’s Grant Park, expanding its activities into South America five years later.