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There is no doubt that nobody understands the fashion better than the French girls. It will not be wrong to say that where fashion is involved, the French excel. There is something about French style that is desirable, chic and effortless. French stylists are known for their outside the box thinking. There will to mix the prints, play with the silhouettes, texture and color gives rise to a newer fashion trend.

If you want to look stylish and glamorous like French girls, here are your French fashion cues to rely on:

  1. Get the chic look by mixing the patterns. The secret is to pick the dominant color in the outfit and team it up with the purse in the same color.
  2. Combine the petite black dress with unfussy and wavy beach hair. Get the black dress with either a mesh or lace that covers the low-cut bodice. It is a great way to look scintillating without showing too much skin. The beach hair offsets the sexy quotient and balances the outfit well.
  3. If you like the style of a fuss-free French woman or look like an Oxford woman then there is nothing better than a classic cape. You can get this look by pairing an oversized top with an ankle length tailored black pants. Don’t forget to complete your look with the formal men-inspired shoes. Your androgynous vibe will surely attract a lot of attention.
  4. There is nothing like a trench coat. The cream white trench is a classic French fashion that never out of trend. To look your best pair the coat with a single-sole and pointed heel in colors like raspberry or navy blue or orange. One style tip: If you are able to hide what is underneath, it adds to the inherent sexiness.
  5. It is very important to know how to pair the extremes. Believe it or not, a well-fitted pencil skirt will look awesome with an oversized cropped sweater. To complement the look add the strappy heels in neutral hues.
  6. To get the classic French girl look wear the tweed jacket with a matching skirt or worn out jeans. Don’t forget to complete the look with loafers. This is a perfect look for your casual dinner dates.
  7. French women are often known for their feminine look. If you also want to look elegant and stylish, wear a maxi dress in solid hues and a bib necklace. If possible add the matching cuffs to create an illusion that the dress is adorned with jewels.
  8. The latest trend that is making round is shouldering. The classic faux or real fur in nice colors is a great pick in fun colors. Team it with a pencil skirt or cami in contrasting colors. Prefer the shoulder fur and color blocking to look your best.

With these French style tips, you can never go wrong. Adding it up with coupons from Frugaa, you could stop worrying about breaking the bank and get the glamorous and stylish looks in a budget.