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Ben and Jerry’s has unveiled a new ice cream dedicated to 30 Rock series, aptly called Liz Lemon.

Ben and Jerry’s launched its new lemon and blueberry fro-yo to coincide with the airing of the show’s final episode.

“It’s as sweet and tart as Liz Lemon herself,” said Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder and apparent 30 Rock fan, at the flavor’s unveiling event on Thursday night.

The popular NBC comedy starring Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan was in its seventh season when it wrapped up last night.

30 Rock – written by Tina Fey, 42, who plays the goofy but loveable main character Liz Lemon – is loosely based on her own experiences as head writer on Saturday Night Live, which is filmed at the NBC studios headquarters, 30 Rockefeller Center.

Tina Fey – who hosted the Golden Globes this year alongside fellow comedian and friend Amy Poehler – has enjoyed tremendous success for her award-winning sitcom.

Funnily enough, the writer and actress who inspired the new Greek fro-yo flavor is herself of Greek descent.

Ben and Jerry’s are known for their celebrity- and pop culture-inspired ice creams, with notable flavors including Cherry Garcia, Phish Food and Monty Python’s Vermonty Python.

This is not the first time that 30 Rock’s cast members have inspired the ice cream producer.

Ben and Jerry's has unveiled a new ice cream dedicated to 30 Rock series, aptly called Liz Lemon

Ben and Jerry’s has unveiled a new ice cream dedicated to 30 Rock series, aptly called Liz Lemon

Last year the company brought out an ice cream called Schweddy Balls, named for a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Tina Fey’s co-star, Alec Baldwin.

Ben and Jerry’s has also named ice creams after other comedians in the past, with flavors like Stephen Colbert’s American Dream and Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack.

Liz Lemon will hit Ben and Jerry’s stores and frozen food aisles in the next few weeks.

Other celebrity Ben & Jerry’s flavors

  • Cherry Garcia. Inspired by: Grateful Dead lead guitarist, Jerry Garcia. Ingredients: Cherry ice cream, cherries, fudge flakes
  • Phish Food. Inspired by: Phish. Ingredients: Chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, caramel swirls, chocolate fudge fish
  • Imagine Whirled Peace. Inspired by: John Lennon. Ingredients: Caramel and sweet cream ice creams, fudge peace signs, toffee cookie pieces
  • Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road. Inspired by: Elton John. Ingredients: Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, brickle candy, white chocolate chunks
  • Bohemian Raspberry. Inspired by: Queen. Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, fudge brownies, raspberry swirl
  • Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler. Inspired by: Willie Nelson. Ingredients: Peach ice cream, cinnamon sugar shortbread, peach swirl
  • Dave Matthews’ Band Magic Brownies. Inspired by: DMB. Ingredients: Black raspberry ice cream, fudge brownies