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Summer of 2019 is loaded with potential Box Office ‘breakers’.

But which summer films will lead the pack with regards to box office success? Avengers: Endgame is the fasted movie to gross over $2 Billion in history. It’s also on the verge of beating out Avatar as the top-grossing movie of all time. For the sake of making this article truly about the summer box office, we are excluding Endgame as it was released on April 26th, which is by no means, ‘summer’, even though some are including it because its success will hold it in theatres well into the summer months.

Top sites like bovada will have lines on this matter, so we’ll look to them for guidance on our predictions.

On the Marquee

OK, even though the official start of summer is June 21st, we’ll include any movie released after June 1st. June is basically what we consider summer, despite what official northern hemisphere dates say.

Our Expected Top Movies in the Box Office:

June 7th – Dark Phoenix

June 24 – Toy Story 4 & Child’s Play

July 5th – Spider-Man: Far from Home

July 19th – The Lion King

July 25th -Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Aug 2nd -Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Let’s go backward.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +1400

Although this may end up being one of the best movies this summer, that doesn’t mean it is going to outgross certain other that have a particular type of draw … eg.  less awesome plot, structure, and well-written dialogue and more explosions. This flick has the makings to be phenomenal. With Leo, Brad, and Margot the characters are bound to be amazing. That said, It probably won’t gross more than 50 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Dark Phoenix +1400

Sansa Stark (sorry Sophie Turner) as Jean Grey? This is going to be pretty cool. However, the film lacks the hype surrounding other summertime X-men releases. So it’s doubtful that it will break the 90 million mark in its opening weekend. Like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it shares the longest odds of the bunch to have the most profitable opening weekend.

Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw +800

It’s not the Fast and the Furious, but the Fast and the Furious ‘Presents’ … Just adding that word will help it to earn less than its actual non-spin-off counterparts. Sure it has Statham and Johnson … but it will be lucky to pass the 100 million mark in its first couple of days.

Toy Story 4 +500

Wait … Toy Story 4 has better odds than a Fast and Furious production? Yes. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fourth installment of Toy Story go well north of 100 million on opening weekend. Toy Story 3 did better than both the original and sequel combined, so this franchise seems to be getting better as it progresses.

Alongside Toy Story, Child’s Play is opening, which provides no real competition. Although the Child’s Play reboot may be a fun horror flick, it shouldn’t gross more than 40 million upon opening and being of a totally different genre, is no real threat to the Tom Hanks classic.

Spider-Man: Far from Home +400

The fact that this is a living, breathing part of the Avengers saga with latest Spider-Man getting his own time in the spotlight, will help this film bring home the bacon. This installment should far surpass its other Marvel sibling, Dark Phoenix and push past the 150 million dollar mark.

The Lion King -125

The Lion King will rule the box office. It is, after all, the Lion King children since the early ’90s have loved this ‘instant-classic’ Disney cartoon and now they are doing it more in CGI/film fashion. Apparently, this will be a scene for scene re-adaptation that closely follows the original. Everything about this production, from its release date to the hands involved in its making screams winner, winner, chicken dinner. 200 million dollar opening weekend? Probably with some change to spare.

Broadway shows The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have closed in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had announced the city’s subway, buses and trains would be halted on Sunday night.

All Broadway performances on Sunday and Monday night were scrapped.

Several film events were cancelled too, including the New York premiere of Keira Knightley film Anna Karenina.

Keira Knightley was due to attend Tuesday night’s premiere in Union Square, along with director Joe Wright, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

New York screenings of several films, including Denzel Washington’s Flight, have also been cancelled.

Nearly all cinemas closed their doors by late Sunday afternoon, sending their staff home until at least Tuesday.

It is not known how long Broadway’s lights will stay out as the densely-populated city awaits the arrival of the storm, with productions of Evita, Mary Poppins and Chicago affected, along with several off-Broadway plays.

Broadway shows have closed in preparation for Hurricane Sandy

Broadway shows have closed in preparation for Hurricane Sandy

A statement on The Broadway League’s website said performances were cancelled, “as a result of the suspension of public transportation by government authorities in preparation for the incoming storm”.

Executive director Charlotte St Martin added that “the safety and security of theatregoers and employees is everyone’s primary concern.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also suspended all of New York’s outdoor shooting permits until further notice, affecting several TV shows such as Blue Bloods, Elementary, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries.

Meanwhile the music world has also been affected, with acts such as Mercury prize-winners The xx, Rita Ora and John Legend all cancelling US shows.

John Legend scrapped Sunday night’s scheduled performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, while British band The xx have postponed the last leg of their US tour, including dates in the Bronx, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, schools, businesses and government departments have all closed, while hundreds of thousands are being advised to evacuate and seek higher ground.

The storm, which forecasters say could be the largest ever to hit the US mainland, is expected to topple trees, damage buildings and cause widespread power cuts and flooding when it moves inland.

Hurricane Sandy has already passed through the Caribbean, killing more than 60 people.

Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and parts of North Carolina have all declared a state of emergency.



Lion King-ing, the latest internet phenomenon, sees pet owners around the world lifting their animals above their head.

The phenomenon, copying a famous scene from the film The Lion King, follows other such memes as planking, owling and Tebowing.

The videos take their inspiration from the famous scene in the beginning of The Lion King where the wise mandrill Rafiki presents the young Simba to the herd.

In the movie, the Elton John “Circle of Life” song is heard, and many of the online videos have the same music.

“I think that everyone with a cat or a small dog has done it before,” said Jeff Wysaski, a blogger on Pleated-jeans.com who made a viral video of the phenomenon from clips other pet owners had posted on YouTube.

“I checked on YouTube, and, lo and behold, there were a ton of videos of people doing it. I thought it would be funny to put them together.

“I think most people don’t talk about it, but when you bring it up other cat owners, they’re like, <<I do that>>, <<I have done that>.”

Lion King-ing, the latest internet phenomenon, sees pet owners around the world lifting their animals above their head

Lion King-ing, the latest internet phenomenon, sees pet owners around the world lifting their animals above their head

Jeff Wysaski admitted he “Lion Kings” his own tabby cat.

“She’s not too happy about it,” he said.

“A lot of the animals are … just putting up with us and our ridiculousness.”

Lion King-ing is the latest internet phenomenon to join the ranks of planking, Tebowing and owling.

Planking involved people posting pictures of themselves lying flat in random places for no apparent reason.

Tebowing took its name from the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who dropped to one knee and paused with a hand resting on his forehead as he prayed during a game.

Images soon starting spring up all over the internet of people pulling the exact same pose.

Owling consisted of people crouching on their haunches and staring into the middle distance, like an owl.

[youtube ogqXU_mmOyE]