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Monica Samille Lewinsky was born in San Francisco, California, on July 23, 1973.

Monica Lewinsky, now 40, was raised in the affluent neighborhoods of Brentwood and Beverly Hills, in Southern California. Her father, Bernard Lewinsky, is an oncologist, and her mother, Marcia Kaye Vilensky, is an author who publishes under the name Marcia Lewis. The Lewinskys divorced in 1988.

After graduating from college, Monica Lewinsky took an internship and then a job at the White House. During the period from mid-1995 to 1997, Monica Lewinsky was involved in a s**ual relationship with then President Bill Clinton. Her taped conversations with Bill Clinton, and subsequent testimony, led to a media frenzy and a political firestorm.

Monica Lewinsky was raised Jewish and attended Sinai Akiba Academy and the John Thomas Dye School in her younger years. She graduated from Bel Air Prep (now Pacific Hills School) in 1991 and attended Santa Monica College while working for the drama department at Beverly Hills High School.

She also began an affair with Andy Bleiler, her married high school drama instructor, around this time. She enrolled at Lewis & Clark College after completing her two-year degree. She graduated with a degree in psychology in 1995.

Through a family friend, Monica Lewinsky secured an internship in the White House office of Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. After her internship ended, Monica Lewinsky accepted a paid position in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

She was involved in a romantic relationship with President Bill Clinton between the winter of 1995 and March 1997. The relationship involved nine encounters, some in the Oval Office.

Monica Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon in 1997. She confided in an older coworker, Linda Tripp, about her relationship with Bill Clinton. Shortly thereafter, Linda Tripp began secretly recording Monica Lewinsky’s conversations with the president.

Bill Clinton was already burdened with a history of s**ual misconduct allegations, and in 1997, lawyers working on the civil lawsuit filed by Arkansas state employee Paula Jones heard rumors of Monica Lewinsky’s relationship with the president.

Monica Lewinsky was involved in a romantic relationship with President Bill Clinton between the winter of 1995 and March 1997

Monica Lewinsky was involved in a romantic relationship with President Bill Clinton between the winter of 1995 and March 1997

Monica Lewinsky submitted a false affidavit denying the affair. It was at this point that Linda Tripp handed over her tapes to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. President Bill Clinton denied the affair under oath.

News of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair broke in January 1998 and immediately dominated the media. Monica Lewinsky spent weeks in hiding. She later reported that she had spent much of this stressful period knitting. After Kenneth Starr obtained a blue dress of Lewinsky’s stained with Bill Clinton’s se**n, the president admitted to an inappropriate relationship.

Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton made her a pop-culture star.

A Barbara Walters interview in which Monica Lewinsky apologized to the Clintons drew record ratings. She also cooperated with Andrew Morton on a 1999 biography titled Monica’s Story.

Monica Lewinsky experimented with a number of career paths after the scandal. She designed a handbag line, promoted the Jenny Craig weight-loss system and appeared as a television correspondent and host.

In 2002, Monica Lewinsky took audience questions during the taping of the HBO special Monica in Black and White.

Eager to escape the spotlight, Monica Lewinsky moved to London, England, in 2005.

In 2006, she graduated from the London School of Economics with a master’s degree in social psychology.

In 2013, some of Monica Lewinsky’s clothing and personal affects were put up for auction. The items, which had been submitted to the Kenneth Starr investigation in the 1990s, included a black negligee and a letter signed by President Bill Clinton.

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During 1995 government shutdown, Monica Lewinsky was allowed to spend some quality time with President Bill Clinton as the non-essential White House staff were sent home and unpaid interns were taking on extra responsibility.

In 1995, the Starr Report describes the events of November 15: “During the shutdown, Ms. Lewinsky worked in Chief of Staff Panetta’s West Wing office, where she answered phones and ran errands. The President came to Mr. Panetta’s office frequently because of the shutdown, and he sometimes talked with Ms. Lewinsky. She characterized these encounters as “continued flirtation.” According to Ms. Lewinsky, a Senior Adviser to the Chief of Staff, Barry Toiv, remarked to her that she was getting a great deal of “face time” with the President.

Ms. Lewinsky testified that Wednesday, November 15, 1995 – the second day of the government shutdown – marked the beginning of her s**ual relationship with the President…”

During 1995 government shutdown, Monica Lewinsky was allowed to spend some quality time with President Bill Clinton

During 1995 government shutdown, Monica Lewinsky was allowed to spend some quality time with President Bill Clinton

The newspaper also wrote: “According to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President made eye contact when he came to the West Wing to see Mr. Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, then again later at an informal birthday party for Jennifer Palmieri, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff. At one point, Ms. Lewinsky and the President talked alone in the Chief of Staff’s office. In the course of flirting with him, she raised her jacket in the back and showed him the straps of her thong underwear, which extended above her pants.

“En route to the restroom at about 8 p.m., she passed George Stephanopoulos’s office. The President was inside alone, and he beckoned her to enter. She told him that she had a crush on him. He laughed, then asked if she would like to see his private office. Through a connecting door in Mr. Stephanopoulos’s office, they went through the President’s private dining room toward the study off the Oval Office. Ms. Lewinsky testified: <<We talked briefly and sort of acknowledged that there had been a chemistry that was there before and that we were both attracted to each other and then he asked me if he could kiss me>>. Ms. Lewinsky said yes. In the windowless hallway adjacent to the study, they kissed. Before returning to her desk, Ms. Lewinsky wrote down her name and telephone number for the President.

“At about 10 p.m., in Ms. Lewinsky’s recollection, she was alone in the Chief of Staff’s office and the President approached. He invited her to rendezvous again in Mr. Stephanopoulos’s office in a few minutes, and she agreed. (Asked if she knew why the President wanted to meet with her, Ms. Lewinsky testified: <<I had an idea.>>) They met in Mr. Stephanopoulos’s office and went again to the area of the private study. This time the lights in the study were off.

“According to Ms. Lewinsky, she and the President kissed.”

Back in October 2013, this won’t happen again, as according to The Hill, White House interns will no longer be allowed to work during government shutdowns.

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 Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Monica Lewinsky first achieve notoriety after having a very public scandal involving former president Bill Clinton.

She comes from a well-to-do family having attended elementary school in Bel Air and Beverley Hills High school. In her senior year, Monica Lewinsky went to Bel Air Prep and upon graduation attended Lewis and Clark College where she graduated with a psychology degree. After her graduation, Monica Lewinsky became a White House intern. Between 1995 and 1997, she had an affair with former President Bill Clinton, which she later admitted before a grand jury.

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has an estimated net worth of $500,000

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has an estimated net worth of $500,000

Things came to a head when Monica Lewinsky was moved to the Pentagon. There she confided in a colleague named Linda Tripp about her relationship with Bill Clinton. Shocked by the revelation, Linda Tripp secretly taped their conversations and later convinced Monica Lewinsky to save any gifts given to her by Bill Clinton. The recording of the conversations between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky plus the gifts were handed over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. The news of Clinton/Lewinsky’s affair broke out in 1998.

Bill Clinton famously said: “I did not have s****al relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

However, Kenneth Starr revealed that he possessed an infamous blue dress that contained the President’s semen. Bill Clinton soon confessed to the affair.

Since the Lewinsky scandal, she became somewhat of a celebrity, appearing on Saturday Night Live, The Tom Green Show, as well as countless interviews concerning the affair. Monica Lewinsky was paid $1 million endorse Jenny Craig in TV commercials.

She teamed with author Andrew Morton to publish the book Monica’s Story in 1999. Her book advance reportedly $500,000. She also became a fashion designer, selling a collection of handbags under her name. Despite moderate success, Monica Lewinsky did not continue with the handbag line. Growing tired of the US media attention, Monica Lewinsky moved to London in 2005. The following year, she graduated with a masters in social psychology at London School of Economics.