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latest on whitney houston’s pool photos


New reports claim that Whitney Houston binged on cocaine, alcohol and pills in her final months.

Insiders say that after months of sober living during 2011, Whitney Houston fell off the wagon.

A source told Star magazine: “The last three months of Whitney’s life were truly tragic.”

Whitney Houston was found dead in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

Eyewitness told Star magazine about Whitney Houston partying at Hollywood club Playhouse on January 2.

“Whitney got buck-wild. She drank cognac and champagne and seemed completely out of it from the moment she arrived until the moment she left at 2:30 a.m.”

Whitney Houston, pictured here with her daughter Bobbi Kristina, was said to have binge on cocaine, alcohol and pills in her final months

Whitney Houston, pictured here with her daughter Bobbi Kristina, was said to have binge on cocaine, alcohol and pills in her final months

The reports go on to detail Whitney Houston partying at the luxury Beverly Hills hotel, the Beverly Wilshire.

“Whitney was in a lounge chair drinking pina coladas all afternoon,” another eyewitness told Star magazine.

“Once in a while, she would get on her cell phone and start screaming at someone. She seemed almost manic at moments and practically unconscious the next.”

Whitney Houston’s wild behavior continued right until her death.

CNN anchor Don Lemon claimed he saw Whitney Houston doing somersaults in the pool just days before she died – saying she had been drinking alcohol from as early as 10:00 a.m.

Whitney Houston will be laid to rest tomorrow after a funeral service at New Hope Baptist Church in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

Meanwhile Ray J, who was dating Whitney Houston in the months before her death, has finally broken his silence.

Ray-J, 31, released a statement that said: “Over the past few days, I’ve tried to process the emptiness that I am experiencing. What my heart feels cannot be expressed in words. The world lost an icon, but I lost my close friend.”

Alluding to a nickname given to Whitney Houston by her father he added: “Nippy, I miss you so much!”

“You were so happy and full of love. Your smile will live in my heart forever.”

Ray-J was seen at LAX airport today catching a flight to New Jersey ahead of Whitey Houston’s funeral tomorrow.

There will be a galaxy of stars paying tribute to Whitney Houston including Kevin Costner, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder – the final duo who will be performing.

Today it has been revealed that Mel Gibson reached out to Whitney Houston a few years ago to try and deal with her addiction issues.

Mel Gibson was invited to the funeral tomorrow by Whitney Houston’s family but is unable to attend because of prior family commitments TMZ reports.