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last minute halloween costume

If you’re still searching for that last-minute Halloween costume, look no further. We searched through hundreds of wacky costumes to come up with our picks for the top 10.

These are some super get-ups that will be sure to shock and amaze your friends.

1. The term junk in the trunk has inspired a slew of rap songs, but this Halloween you can celebrate the slang term with a black and white zebra dress and trunk belt. (zoogstercostumes.com)

2. Who knew that you could dress up as your favorite college party game? Perfect for couples looking to be the life of the party. (rickyshalloween.com)

3. If you like to be literal, even on Halloween, go as the Killer B – literally. (rickyshalloween.com)

4. For a stylish entrance, make sure to expose your best self in a Bruno clear vinyl suit. (www.Halloween31.com)

5. You can get the Situation’s abs and tan with this Halloween costume. Make sure to walk around with your shirt up and introduce people to the situation that is your new-found muscles. (www.Halloween31.com )

6. Devise a Gru plot of your own to steal the moon in this adult Minion Dave costume. (www.Halloween31.com)

7. This Halloween you can dress as your favorite political cause. Not only can you vote to legalize marijuana, you can become the cause. (rickyshalloween.com )

8. The BP oil spill would definitely be appropriate to label as bad planning. Dress up as the bad planning that caused the spill in the first place and turn a sticky situation into a laugh for Halloween. (rickyshalloween.com )

9. Everyone has one or knows one in their neighborhood. This Halloween, you can be your favorite neighborhood nuisance and really look the part in this crazy cat-lady costume with a bathrobe and headpiece. (zoogstercostumes.com )

10. Thanksgiving may be encroaching on Halloween’s territory but either way this turkey costume is hilarious. After the big day make sure to keep it around to wear to your family’s Thanksgiving gathering next month. (zoogstercostumes.com )

Thanksgiving turkey costume for Halloween

Thanksgiving turkey costume for Halloween