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Landscapers need a varied skill set. As well as understanding the environment they work in and the plants which thrive there, they must also be able to communicate well with clients and garden designers to achieve the required results. It’s also a very manual role that calls for the laying of new paving, pruning trees and carefully maintaining finished areas. The work is challenging, but with the right planning, a landscaping business can encompass both private and commercial clients to become very lucrative. Here are some ideas for growing your company and increasing your turnover.

Produce a new business plan

The decision to expand is often made as a result of a business doing well. To maximize on your success, it’s important to create a plan that takes into account your new goals. Think strategically to establish a set of clear targets. These could include the number of new customers you hope to take on, the additional hours you plan to work and the percentage increase you would like to see in your revenue. As some aspects of your plan, such as marketing, are likely to be costly, a budget is also required. Next, add a timeline to manage your overall plan. A set of weekly or monthly deadlines will provide information on your progress, so you can adjust your initiatives as and when required.

Show off your insurance certification

Primarily, the right insurance policy will safeguard your business from accidents and claims, but it can also prove your reliability to new and existing clients. Even if you are currently working as a smaller company and it’s just you at the helm, arranging cover from trusted insurance provider Next Insurance, gives you protection from unexpected losses. They work to deliver policies that are aimed at individual businesses, providing cover that’s right for you at an affordable price.

Remember that first impressions count

How you present yourself to potential clients is of key importance. Of course, you will need to be a friendly, polite and approachable person with plenty of innovative gardening ideas, but you should also be responsive to their queries. Provide a phone number and an email address, as well as a website where they can read reviews from past customers and see examples of your work. Your appearance can also have an impact on how your service is perceived. If you don’t have a van logo, then consider getting one made up to give your vehicle a professional look. This lets the neighborhood know you are running an established business and provides you with free advertising. Similarly, you could wear a uniform or even a t-shirt featuring your company logo. As you take on new staff, be sure to get them the same type of shirt, so customers know they are on your team.

Understand who your customers are

One of the most important factors in business success and expansion is knowing your target audience. You can’t create a service that people require if you aren’t entirely sure of who they are and what they want. Under the landscaping umbrella, there are services aimed at the owners of residential properties and services which are more suited to commercial spaces. You may be keen to offer premium outdoor projects or prefer working on general lawn maintenance, either way you’ll need to identify your customers in order to create worthwhile promotions and marketing.

Improve your digital marketing

Digital marketing is a sophisticated and popular tool that can help your business reach its full potential quickly. Building and maintaining a website is important, but it’s no longer enough. Your customers spend lots of time browsing for new products or services online and this means their tastes are more refined than ever. A modern website with uniform branding and design features will impress them, as will responsiveness and mobile compatibility. Having a portfolio of your previous work is a bonus and can certainly be used to your advantage, but the images will need to be high-quality. Pick out a varied selection which demonstrates your strongest skills. Then add explanations and curate them together in several labelled albums. An ordered approach allows visitors to quickly find pictures and content that relates to a project they have in mind.

Ultimately, some strategies will be more effective than others and you’ll soon learn which to concentrate on as your landscape business grows. You’ll need to be patient, but with hard work and a consistent approach, your goals will soon be within reach.


Are you a landscaper looking to grow your business? It is no easy feat to get a landscaping business off of the ground and running efficiently and properly. If you have managed to achieve it, then it’s time to look at the next phase of your company’s lifecycle; growth.

Growing a Landscaping Business the Right Way

You are now at a new crossroads. The survival stage of your business cycle has ended and it’s time to begin growing a landscaping business that is profitable and sustainable. The crux of growth comes from establishing systems and policies within your business.

The systems and policies must provide clear instructions on the operations of your business. Every business activity must be logged to enable you to track your business data. This data provides you the information on where you need to focus on improvement and where you are doing well.

People are the other major impact on your business. Hiring the right people can increase productivity and profit. Unfortunately, poor hires can sometimes cost your business time and money.

Establishing clear policies on hiring and human resources is a crucial area to concentrate on when growing a landscaping business. By creating exact roles and functions of your people and benchmarks of what you expect in their performance, you can track their results.

Growing a landscaping business is determined by your own abilities to execute. You need to be constantly aware of areas in your business that need your attention. Managing the growth of your business can be as challenging as planning it. Make sure that you work with the best people to ensure your chances of success.

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You Need a Solid Plan for Growing a Landscaping Business

These systems and policies must be included in your business plan. Things have now taken a new direction for your landscaping business and you need to take this time to adjust your plan.

Adjustments are everything and forming your new plan will require you to review and update all of your business goals and milestones. If you have business mentors, then use their knowledge and experience to help you with updating your business plan.

Mentors can help reduce your learning curve dramatically. You can benefit from their past mistakes and the lessons they have learned. Take this lessons and use them in your own business.

5 Quick Tips for Growing a Landscaping Business

  1. Evaluate your position. Where are you now and what has been the keys to your business survival?
  2. Know where you want to go. What are your new goals for this phase of your business?
  3. Think Big. You have made it this far, what if anything were possible?
  4. Write it down. Goals are just dreams until they are written down and focused on.
  5. Find someone to talk to.A mentor is the greatest advantage you can give yourself to ensure the achievement of your goals.

In Conclusion

Growing a landscaping business is an exciting opportunity. Leverage your resources and grow into the future with further success by using good planning and taking advice from those you trust.