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Image source: Steve Troughton Flickr

The Matrix will return for its fourth installment, with Keanu Reeves reprising his lead role as hacker Neo.

Matrix co-creator Lana Wachowski will write, direct and produce the film, a third sequel to the original 1999 hit.

Lana Wachowski celebrated The Matrix‘s return, saying many of the ideas it explores are “even more relevant now”.

The first three films in the sci-fi franchise earned more than $1.6 billion at the global box office.

Warner Bros Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich announced the fourth film on August 20, saying the studio “could not be more excited” about its return.

He said: “Lana is a true visionary – a singular and original creative filmmaker – and we are thrilled that she is writing, directing and producing this new chapter.”

Lilly Wachowski: Matrix Director Reveals Gender Transition

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The original film was released in 1999 and told the story of Neo and his discovery that humanity was trapped in a simulated reality. It proved a major hit and spawned two sequels – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

The third installment, The Matrix Revolutions, was the first film ever to be released simultaneously around the world at the same hour.

Rumors of a fourth chapter have been circulating since two years ago, with reports at the time stating that Warner Bros was “in the early stages of developing a re-launch”.

In a statement on August 20, Lana Wachowski said she was “very happy to have these characters back in my life and grateful for another chance to work with my brilliant friends”.


Second Matrix director Andy Wachowski has come out as trans named Lilly.

Lilly Wachowski shared the news in a statement released to the Windy City Times.

The 48-year-old says she is making the announcement after claiming she was “threatened” with being outed by The Daily Mail.

“Yeah, I’m trans. And yeah, I’ve transitioned. I just wanted – needed some time to get my head right… but apparently I don’t get to decide this,” says the 48-year-old.

The Daily Mail has denied trying to coerce Lilly Wachowski into revealing her gender transition.

Lilly Wachowski’s 50-year-old sister Lana, formerly known as Larry, is also trans.Andy Wachowski becomes Lilly Wachowski

The Wachowski siblings are well known for directing The Matrix series and have been involved with movies such as V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending plus Netflix’s Sens8 TV series.

In her statement, Lilly Wachowski says that a Daily Mail journalist arrived at her house asking her to tell her story to them.

“[He said] that I really had to sit down with him tomorrow or the next day or next week so that I could have my picture taken and tell my story which was so inspirational.

“And that I really didn’t want to have someone from the National Enquirer following me around, did I?

“It began to dawn on me where I had heard of the Daily Mail. It was the ‘news’ organization that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the UK.

“Now here they were, at my front door, almost as if to say – there’s another one. Let’s drag ’em out in the open so we can all have a look.

“We continue to be demonized and vilified in the media… We are not predators, we are prey.”