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Your first date with a woman is your chance to get to know her better and establish a connection between you. If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while or have little experience in courting women, you’d better do your homework and prepare for a date reading the following tips. Most of the recommendations given in this article by Ukrainian Dating Site UABrides.com apply not only to the first dates but also to all dates in general.


Women like reliable men who can make their own decisions. Don’t ask a woman where she would like to go. It is you who choose the venue for your date. It’s obvious: you ask her out, you choose the place.


Women have a well-developed sixth sense and they are very observant. It will not be an exaggeration to say that sometimes they can see through men. This is their natural tool that helps them pick the best partner. One of the qualities that women value most in men is confidence. If a man is unconfident, a woman will feel it. She will either get disappointed or, if she really likes him, try to focus on his other virtues. You should know that women find confident men sexy and appealing, so it can be an incentive for you to develop your confidence. Fake it till you make it.

Positive emotions

Women are very emotional creatures and you task is to evoke as many positive feelings in your date as possible. This is one of the secrets of a successful first date. Think outside the box. Instead of going to a café, take your date to the art gallery. Learn more about the current exhibition to impress her with your knowledge. Combine different activities to trigger more emotions. For example, take a walk in the park, then take a ride on a Ferris wheel, and after that relax at a cozy restaurant. The more diverse your date, the more impressions your girl will get.

Awkward silence

Actually, there is not such a thing as an awkward silence – there are silence and awkwardness separately. And if silence necessarily leads to an awkward feeling, you need to deal with it. If you’re having a conversation and suddenly a moment of silence sets in, your date will look at you trying to figure out what’s going on and if she notices your nervousness and desperate attempts to continue your dialog, that’s bad. But if she sees that you’re silent because you’re enjoying the moment, be it a walk or a cup of coffee, she’ll realize everything is under your control. Even if she was worried about the situation, your confident look will make her feel comfortable.


Don’t ask primitive questions (her favorite music, movies, etc). After several general questions, you’ll know what she does and what she’s interested in. Using that information, ask questions and keep the ball rolling. Your genuine interest in her personality will make you even more attractive in her eyes.


Your first date should not necessarily end with a kiss. If a woman isn’t ready for it, you may appear as too pushing. Remember that if a girl wants to kiss you, you’ll notice it. Her body language, her eyes, and the distance between you will signal her readiness for a kiss.