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A new wonder 24kt gold pill promises to “turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth”.

The sparkling capsules, measuring 2 cm long, can be found on the Citizen:Citizen website priced at $425.

After digesting the three gold-leaf tablets, shefinds.com claims consumers will find flakes of pure precious metal decorating their excrement.

The Gold Pills were designed by late New York artist Tobi Wong in collaboration with Ken Courtney.

The creative duo said: “Like an addict, all I want is more. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, demand for luxury items is completely created.”

They were first launched in 2005 as part of their Indulgence line – an art project that comments on society’s “ever-expanding market of luxury items”.

The 24kt gold pill promises to turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth

The 24kt gold pill promises to turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth

Since they hit the shelves their price has skyrocketed.

Some have poked fun at the bizarre product. Racked.com wrote: “Distribute a couple in grandpa’s pill tray over Christmas dinner and watch as hilarity ensues. Bonus!

“Take bets with other family members on whether or not his digestive track can handle the opulence (whoever loses has to pay for the ambulance costs!).”

However it seems the Gold Pills have been a hit with the luxury obsessed, as the Citizen:Citizen website states that they are “temporarily unavailable”.

Wong launched a silver version in 1998.Other items featured in his Indulgence collection include a bronze casting of a Playboy drinks stirrer, a cast of a 1980s McDonald’s coffee stirrer and a copper and gold plated BIC pen cap.