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In a shocking interview on HLN’s Dr. Drew’s show last night, Leolah Brown, Bobby Brown’ sister, blamed Ray J and Pat Houston for Whitney Houston’s death.

Leolah Brown decided to go on Dr. Drew’s show last night to discuss the Los Angeles coroner’s toxicology report on her former sister-in-law, Whitney Houston.

She made striking claims that Ray-J was Whitney Houston’s “runner boy” for cocaine. Leolah Brown also said she found it suspicious that she saw Ray-J leaving Whitney Houston’s hotel and hiding after her death, when he has never seemed to hide when cameras were around them before.

Bobby Brown’ sister also said she finds it hard to believe Pat Houston, Whitney Houston’ sister-in-law and manager, didn’t know the singer was doing cocaine that day. And as for Leolah Brown’s first thought when she heard the news of Whitney Houston’s death: “Somebody gave her a bad bag!”

Ray-J has put out a statement after this interview saying he was unaware Whitney Houston was using cocaine and he slammed Leolah Brown’s claims. He said he wasn’t even around the day Whitney Houston died as he was in San Diego.

Leolah Brown blames Ray J and Pat Houston for Whitney Houston's death on Dr. Drew's show

Leolah Brown blames Ray J and Pat Houston for Whitney Houston's death on Dr. Drew's show


Later in the interview, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cousins, Jerod Brown & Kelsey Brown, divulged more details about what they felt were odd happenings the day of Whitney Houston’s death.

Jerod Brown said “that guy Nick [Gordon]” came into the hospital soon after they got there to check on Bobbi Kristina during her panic attack and said: “Thanks for coming out.” As if they weren’t supposed to be there.

The cousins also said Gary Houston paid no mind to Bobbi Kristina Brown once she collapsed on the hotel room floor right in front of him. Gary Houston “kept rolling the luggage from the room right past her.”

They also talked about Whitney Houston’s off shore accounts and why Leolah Brown “believes” she has legal guardianship of Bobbi Kristina Brown. .

However, Bobby Brown’s reps have been extra mum on talking about any specifics or any rumors concerning Whitney Houston’s death. They have only put out their own general statements on behalf of Bobby Brown. So there is a chance Bobby Brown knew nothing about this Dr. Drew interview and/or didn’t co-sign it.

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