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Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West are said to have turned down a huge $3 million offer for the first exclusive photos of their yet to be born child.

A source told website TMZ that the couple have been “flooded” with lucrative offers from media outlets desperate to be the first to publish the baby pictures.

The huge $3 million offer compares to Brangelina’s $4.1million payout following the birth of their first child Shiloh in 2006. Although that was dwarfed by the $14 million they received after the birth of the twins.

The couple donated the payments to a charitable trust they had set up.

The news of Kim Kardashian’s decision is all the more surprising as unlike other more private stars she has previously shown no interest in hiding any facet of her life from public view.

But perhaps her boyfriend is the one behind the move.


Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West are said to have turned down a huge $3 million offer for the first exclusive photos of their yet to be born child

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West are said to have turned down a huge $3 million offer for the first exclusive photos of their yet to be born child

Kanye West, 35, has previously been reported to be uncomfortable with the way Kim Kardashian, 32, lives, with her reality shows, paparazzi attention and self-publicity on her blog combining to put every aspect of her life under constant public scrutiny.

And of course with their combined fortunes the pair have no financial need to accept the cash.

Luckily for KimYe fans they can still get an insight into how the new baby might look, at least according to a top forensic artist.

US forensic artist Joe Mullins studied recent photographs of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and used the latest computer technology to predict how their children might look.

According to Joe Mullins, a baby boy would inherit Kanye West’s nose and face shape and Kim Kardashian’s lips.

A baby girl would take more after her glamorous mother, with deep brown eyes and glossy dark hair.

Joe Mullins, the forensic expert who has scientifically forecasted how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s little boy or girl could look, said it is sure to be “adorable”.

Washington based Joe Mullins has taken all the best features of the Royal couple and morphed them together.

And with their piercing blue eyes, clear complexion and Kate Middleton’s thick dark locks, the child could be a Royal beauty.

But, boy or girl, it is unlikely to have the blonde hair of its paternal grandmother, Diana Princess of Wales, he said.

Joe Mullins studied recent photographs of the couple and used the latest computer technology to predict how the child may look during their formative years.

If the couple have a son, the boy is expected to inherit many of William’s features.

Joe Mullins has included the famous Windsor ears and William’s slightly receding hairline.

A daughter is predicted to closer resemble Kate Middleton, with a high forehead, heart shaped face and long brown hair.

In the past he has taken the faces of other well known couples and imagined how their children may look, and has carried out magazine work where he “ages” celebrities such Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

But it seems some people are not so hopeful for the couple’s offspring.

Popular website Morph Thing creator Charanjeet Kondal has taken William and Kate’s more “unique” features and morphed them into what they would look like combined.

And less flattering images are a far departure from the glossy American images released by Joe Mullins – showing a child with thinner hair and slightly protruding ears.

While they are not as polished as those produced by the US artist, they do still bear a striking resemblance to the couple as children.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had been hoping to keep the news they were expecting a baby to themselves until Christmas Day.

But after Kate was admitted to hospital with extreme morning sickness, sparked by a rare condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), they had little choice but to make the announcement.

Forensic expert Joe Mullins has scientifically forecasted how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's little girl could look

Kate Middleton, 30, who is thought to be between six and eight weeks pregnant, was taken to the hospital just after lunch on Sunday by her husband and put on a drip to stop her becoming dehydrated.

But the news delighted millions around the world – including their own families.

Sources say she appeared to be responding well to treatment and there was “no cause for alarm”.

However, doctors at the King Edward VII Hospital in central London have taken the precautionary step of keeping her in for the next few days.

Joe Mullins is a highly respected forensic artist based in Washington.

He trained as a graphic designer before joining police doing both age progressions of missing children and facial reconstruction from the skull.

His work has helped trace countless missing children over the 11 years he has worked in forensics.

But when he is not hard at work in the serious day job, he enjoys creating “fun but scientific forecasts” forecasting how celebrities will look when they are older and how their children might look.

Joe Mullins said he took recent pictures of the Duke and Duchess, and took account of their coloring, and predominant genes and outstanding features, such as Kate’s olive skin, William’s ears, and their clear complexions.

While he tries to make then as “cute as possible” he says it is all highly scientific.

He said the future king or queen of England was bound to be “adorable” and added: “For Kate and William’s baby – I think there is a lot of good genes in the mix there.

“There is a science behind the process. The darker features are more dominant with Kate’s olive skin and dark hair. I would say you are not going to get a fair skinned baby with blonde hair and blue eyes – like Diana.”

He added: “Over the years I have done lots of different celebrities.

“I did Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt when they were married and I have done a few of Angelina Jolie.

“When I did Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise I did the child as a boy, but the image actually does look a lot like Suri.

“My day job means I have acquired a skill which means it is always in the ball park.

“I was inspired after seeing some other versions of celebrities children that were done. I remember thinking ‘those things look scary. I could do something more accurate.

“My interpretation of Kate Hudson’s son Ryder Robinson (son from her first marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson) was pretty much spot on.

“It’s all forensic art based on family hereditary going backward to make these fun baby images or forward to depict what children will look like now and get them back home to where they belong.”

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