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According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, Vice President Joe Biden tops presidential choice for one in four Americans who are registered Democrats or lean.

The poll findings released on September 23 represent a notable achievement for an as-yet undeclared candidate, suggest concerns about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and raise the prospect of a competitive three-way race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bloomberg reports.

According to the national poll, Hillary Clinton is now the top choice of 33% of registered Democrats and those who lean Democrat.Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in polls

Joe Biden places second with 25% and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is at 24%. The other three Democratic candidates combined are the top choice for less than 4% of that base.

Recent polls in states that will host the earliest contests of the presidential campaign, Iowa and New Hampshire, have shown Bernie Sanders closing in on and, in some cases, surpassing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden in a more distant third place.

As Hillary Clinton’s numbers have dropped, Joe Biden has been openly mulling a late entry into the race.

However, Joe Biden is delaying a decision to allow himself and his family an opportunity to grieve the death of his son, Beau, to brain cancer.