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Izmir murders latest updates

Izmir murders updates. Shannon Graham at mother’s funeral.


Two women from Northern Ireland murdered near Izmir, Turkey.


Izmir murders. Turkish waiter, Recep Cetin appears in court.


Turkey murders latest news. Recep Cetin charged with stabbing to death his girlfriend’s mother.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]Raymond McGuinness, one of the Izmir murders victim’s ex-husband arrived in Turkey yesterday evening to comfort his distraught daughter, Shannon Graham.


Saturday afternoon, Raymond McGuinness, accompanied by his son David, went to the central courthouse of Izmir to identify the bodies of Marion Elizabeth Graham, his ex-wife and her best friend, Kathy Dinsmore, through photographs.

When he was leaving the court, Shannon Graham’s father said:


“I have met Shannon earlier today, and she is very upset.”

“Once the identification process is over, then we will try to repatriate the bodies back to Ireland, but that won’t be until mid-week.”

“This is clearly a very distressing time for us, and so we would like a bit of privacy.”


Shannon’s father described his ex-wife, one of the Izmir murders victims, as “the life and soul of the party” who “adored Shannon”.

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Shannon Graham called the police when her mother and her best friend, Kathy Dinsmore, failed to return from a daytrip with Cetin Recep, who is also known locally by the name Alex.

According to local media reports Cetin Recep stabbed Marion Graham, 54, in the heart and cut Kathy Dinsmore’s throat. Both women were stabbed as many as 15 times.

Cetin Recep confessed the Izmir murders.

Cetin Recep confessed the Izmir murders.

Cetin Recep clashed with Shannon Graham’s mother, Marion, last week when she learned he had kicked Shannon during a fight.

Raymond McGuinness said Marion Graham “went ballistic” and warned Cetin never to lay a finger on her daughter again.

McGuiness said also that Cetin Recep had threatened to kill Marion but that Shannon had dismissed the threat as “just words”. The young Turkish waiter, Cetin Recep, was a “possessive” and jealous boyfriend, who became “besotted” with Shannon when they met about one and a half year ago at the restaurant where he worked.

Last Thursday, Cetin recep took Marion Graham and her best friend, Kathy Dinsmore on a shopping trip to Izmir, while Shannon was in a boat trip for the day.

Cetin’s uncle, who wanted to remain anonymous, said:


“They left by taxi for Izmir, where his father Eyup runs a shop. There, Cetin took a family car to drive the women out to the woodland area of Buca where he murdered them.”

“A friend of Cetin’s called me and said Cetin was at the police station and had been stabbed. I don’t have a lot of time for my nephew – he’s disrespectful and arrogant but he’s family and so I had to go and see.”

“When I arrived at Kusadasi police station, Cetin and Shannon were both there. Cetin had a cut bandaged on his hand. I spoke to him for a few minutes and he told me a story about three men in a black van.”

“He couldn’t explain how he returned to Kusadasi.”

“I talked to Shannon at the station. She seemed very calm and was coming up with suggestions as to who the men in the black van might be. She wasn’t sobbing or crying.”


One of the Recep Cetin’s friends told Turkish police that Cetin had dumped a bag in a bin near family house. Investigators discovered Cetin’s blood-stained clothes.

Recep Cetin’s uncle added:


“I think his story fell apart and after a few further hours of interrogation, Cetin broke down and confessed.”

“He told police that Marion planned to take Shannon back to Ireland, effectively ending their romance.”

“Cetin and Shannon were very much in love.”

“They had been virtually inseparable for the last two years. Shannon’s been coming here since she was a child – she’s well known on Ladies Beach.”

“Everyone knew she was Cetin’s girlfriend. They would argue – that’s quite normal. I think he slapped her once or twice.”

“He would get cross if she sunbathed topless – those things are quite common here with Muslim men dating independent Western women.”


The horrible Izmir murders shocked and sickened the predominantly Irish holidaymakers in Kusadasi, the Turkish popular Aegean resort.

The horrible Izmir murders shocked and sickened the predominantly Irish holidaymakers in Kusadasi

The horrible Izmir murders shocked and sickened the predominantly Irish holidaymakers in Kusadasi

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Another friend of Cetin, Veli, from Sundial Tours, known as Slim Jim confirmed that both teenagers were serious about each other:


“Recep was like a younger brother to me. Yes, he could be a bit headstrong but he was a 17-year-old lad. He had the odd fight but nothing serious.”

“He never pushed Shannon to convert to Islam.. He was comfortable with her western style of dress. He knew short skirts and bikinis were normal for her.”

“I’m stunned about what’s happened. It just doesn’t make sense. They could have waited a couple more years and married anyway without her mum’s permission. It’s a terrible tragedy.”


Dan Doyle – ex-husband of the other Izmir murders victim, Kathy Dinsmore – suffered an astonishing tragic coincidence when his second wife died on the same day.


Dan Doyle, from Newry, Ireland – Kathy Dinsmore’s ex-husband – was mourning the death of his second wife, Colette Doyle, who died suddenly in hospital on Thursday, the same day as the Izmir murders.

Kathy Dinsmore and her best friend Marion Graham were murdered in a forest, near the city of Izmir, 70 miles from sunshine resort of Kusadasi after they objected to a Turkish teenager, Recep Cetin, marrying Marion Graham’s 15-year-old daughter, Shannon.

It is understood that Dan Doyle and Kathy Dinsmore have been divorced for several years and that he subsequently married Colette with whom he had three children.

Colette Doyle died suddenly in Craigavon Area Hospital on Thursday, leaving six children – Gareth, Kevin, Brendan, Conlin, Hannah and Danielle. Another child, Darryl, tragically died previously.