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Israeli journalist Eitam Lachover has been stabbed accidentally while demonstrating a protective vest for a TV report.

The Israel’s Channel 1 reporter was asked to don the supposedly knife-proof jacket and be stabbed several times in front of the camera.

But the knife penetrated the vest and Eitam Lachover suffered a slight cut to his back which required stitches.

Israeli soldiers are due to receive the same safety vest following a recent wave of stabbings by Palestinians.

Photo APTN

Photo APTN

Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president of the company that makes the vest, told Israel’s Channel 2 that he had stabbed Eitam Lachover in a section of the vest where there had been no protective material.

He said that an earlier recording had been successful and the reporter had not been harmed.

Linda Bar, a spokeswoman for Israel’s state broadcaster, said the report would be broadcast on January 6 despite the mishap.

Eitam Lachover said on Twitter that he was discharged from hospital after receiving the stitches.