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With the increase in iPhone demand all over the world, the iPhone accessories market has also become inundated with hundreds of phone cases in different shapes and sizes making it easy for consumers to find the right one for themselves. Among the best mobile-case stores online, www.casehaven.com.au provides its consumers a wide range of smartphone cases to suit their needs and lifestyle. I am listing here some of the latest iPhone cases that are stylish as well as user-friendly. Whether you are looking for a waterproof case or want to go all glitz and glamour, you can find the right iPhone case for yourself.

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iPhone 6/6S Signal Amplifier Case

Available for iPhone 6 and 6S, Mjoose smart case boosts your phone reception with the help of its active antenna technology. It reduces radiation by up to 70% and extends your phone’s battery life. It is a must have smartphone accessory protecting it against drops and other damages.

Palmo iPhone Case

This Ultra-light and fall protection award winning case gives you single handed control and increased safety with your iPhone. Its flexible silicone material allows your finger to be gripped between the phone and the case reducing the risk to fall off your hand and damage to the phone corners. The minimalistic X-form design of the case efficiently dissipates heat and reduces the unconscious stress of dropping the phone.

FYY’s Wallet iPhone Case

Made of high premium PU leather, FYY iPhone 6S wallet case is among the most selling cases available in the market. With three internal card slots for keeping valuables and a kickstand feature for movie watching or video chatting, this lightweight phone case feels like a full wallet.

JOTO Cellphone Dry Bag

IPX8 certified JOTO Cellphone Dry Bag case is waterproof and can handle a depth of 100 feet. Perfect for all sorts of water activities, the phone case features a simple snap and lock access, and is easy to keep out water, snow and dust. This bulky phone case offers waterproof protection to your smartphone while maintaining full touch screen functionality. It is designed for iPhone 6S, 6, 6S Plus.

Trianium ArmTrek Sports Exercise Armband

Ideal for jogging, running and workouts, this case is made of stretch resistant neoprene, so it easily bends, twists and folds without wrapping. Its comfort-grip with head phone and charger cutouts keeps the phone firmly on your arm during exercise and reduces fall risk. Its water resistant design protects against water and sweat. The protective screen cover gives you full liberty to use your iPhone 6/ 6S, and the built in key pocket provides space for storing your home key.

Apple Spring iPhone Leather and Silicone Cases

As of 2017, Apple has launched its new six leather and silicone cases in beautiful colors. The silicone case colors are pale blue Azure, muted brown pebble and pale pink Camellia. The colors in leather include Berry, Taupe and Sapphire. These colorful cases fit 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7. These shades give you option to color match your Apple devices.

Supvin Flowing Liquid Glitter Case

Easy to put on and clad in bling-enhanced fluid, this hard plastic glittery case protects the screen from fingerprints and scratches as well as provide easy accessibility to the productive apps on your device.