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Thousands of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users have encounter an error screen saying simply “Error 3200” or “Error 3002” as they tried to download the newly launched version of iPhone’s operating system, iOS 5, last night.



Scroll down for Error 3200 and Error 3002 solutions…

Yesterday launch of iOS 5, the iPhone operating system, a package of updates which adds BlackBerry-stye instant messaging to iPhone, among other things, became a disaster for Apple, as servers struggled to deal with the demand for the new software.

“Error 3200” that users have seen became a trending topic on Twitter, as they were confronted with the message repeatedly during iOS 5 download.

Many tech sites began to offer workarounds and complex “cheats” to help users deal with their frustration and get the software faster.

But many frustrated fans reported leaving their homes today without the new software. Other users reported that the download was extremely slow.

The free update is intended to bring (some) older iPhones into line with the functions offered by iPhone 4S.

But it seems that Apple was overwhelmed by demand.

As the iOs 5 software launched, many users complained of slow download speeds, with some asking plaintively: “Has anyone successfully downloaded iOS 5 yet?”

Not all users encountered the “Error 3200” message, but most found the process excruciating.

The iOS 5 free update is intended to bring (some) older iPhones into line with the functions offered by iPhone 4S

The iOS 5 free update is intended to bring (some) older iPhones into line with the functions offered by iPhone 4S


Questions about the “Error 3200” flooded Mac forums and social networks.

Somebody wrote on Twitter:

“Steve Jobs has only been gone a few days and we are already experiencing the start of the techpocalypse.”

The inability of Apple’s servers to deal with demand may have been due to the co-ordinating power of social networks, after “Downloading iOS 5” became a trending topic.

It’s traditional for geeks to be on the edge of their seats in advance of any new Apple software launch – but social networks may have ensured that a wider audience was aware the instant the new software was available.

Unlike BlackBerry’s high-profile collapse this week, “Error 3200” seems eminently curable – just keep trying.

Other glitches have been reported even once users install the iOS 5 software, such as the new music service iCloud refusing logins.

Internet exchanges showed a multi-gigabit-sized jump in demand that coincided with the launch of the new iOS 5, which is available as a free download via iTunes store. If the demand was caused entirely by users downloading iOS 5, it’s little wonder many were left frustrated.

Apple declined to comment this morning.

It’s not entirely clear what’s causing those errors, 3200 and 3002, but we’ve been provided with a solution that should work for both Mac and Windows users.

How to fix Error 3002 and Error 3200:

You will be restoring to iOS 5 rather than updating, meaning the device will be back to a fresh iOS installation. Be sure you have a backup of the iOS device before you proceed, so that you can then get all your apps and settings back.

Important: Before proceeding, be sure you have removed any blocks for gs.apple.com from your hosts file!

  1. Be sure you have iTunes 10.5 installed
  2. Download iOS 5 IPSW specific to your device, save it somewhere that is easy to find
  3. Launch iTunes 10.5 and then…
    • Mac users: hold down the OPTION key then click on “Restore”, locate the aforementioned IPSW file
    • Windows users: hold down the SHIFT key and then click on “Restore”, point iTunes to the downloaded IPSW file

If your hardware gets totally boinked or if you’re then encountering Error 3194, you can also try putting the iPhone or iPad into DFU mode and restoring while in recovery.

Remember to check your hosts file too, if you blocked an Apple server or use Sauriks instead in the past for jailbreak purposes, that will cause issues now when you are updating to iOS 5.

Another common error is “An internal error has occurred” – this is an indication that Apple’s servers are swamped, so you may want to try again later.

Apple launched its latest top class operating system, iOS5, on Wednesday afternoon.


iOS 5 includes over 200 features like iTunes and iCloud. The iMessage service let iPhone users send messages with text, photos and video to other iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users free of charge.


Apple's iMessage feature

“There’s a big potential issue here,” said Craig Moffett, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein. “The wireless industry makes most of its money from high-priced but low-bandwidth services like voice and text.”

Every year, more than 2 trillion text messages are sent over cellular networks in the U.S. alone. At the moment, wireless carriers charge about 20 cents for sending and then another 20 cents for getting the messages.

Texting is hugely lucrative for the wireless industry. It generated about $21 billion in revenue last year and is estimated to grow to $23 billion this year, according to the Consumer Federation of America.


iMessage uses the carrier’s data network or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection to transmit the text like email. When users send a text to a friend with iMessage turned on, it shows up as a blue chat bubble and doesn’t count as a text message in their phone plan. Texting someone with an Android or other non-Apple phone will count as a text message and show up as a green chat bubble.


One of the nice features of iMessage is it allows you to set it up with the same email address on multiple devices. You can begin a conversation with someone on your iPhone while you’re out and about, then pick up at exactly the same spot when you get home and use your iPad. Texting takes place virtually instantaneously; I had the above conversation with a TUAW staffer on the other side of the planet, and it was as seamless as you’d expect from a modern IM app.

Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Messenger is losing credit because of the latest issues expericend throughout the world. The iMessage service will give them a really hard time.


BlackBerry users express more and more the desire of switching to a better service like Apple. The failure of BlackBerry’s service happened at a really bad time. Apple is getting more and more attention from the Tech consumers.


iMessage can send messages to any device that’s running iOS 5. The iPhone remains the only iOS device capable of sending text messages to non-iOS devices.Since there are still so many to non-iOS devices, it doesn’t necessarily mean that iMessage is going to “kill” SMS texting. However, if everyone in your circle of friends has a device running iOS 5, iMessage could very well obviate the need for an unlimited texting plan on your iPhone.