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An Indian bride has called off her wedding after her groom-to-be failed to solve a simple math problem, according to police in Uttar Pradesh.

On their wedding day, the bride asked the groom to add 15 and 5 and he replied 17.

Reports say the groom’s family tried to convince the bride to return, but she refused saying the man was illiterate.

Local police said they mediated between the families, and both sides returned all the gifts given before the wedding.Indian bride dumped groom after failing simple math problem

Most marriages in India are arranged by the families, and it is common for a bride and groom to get married without spending time in each other’s company.

According to local reports, police official of Rasoolabad village where the incident happened said that local resident Mohar Singh had fixed his daughter Lovely’s wedding to a man called Ram Baran.

“But just before the marriage ceremony Lovely came to know that Ram Baran is illiterate and she refused to marry,” he said.

Mohar Singh told the Associated Press news agency that the “groom’s family had kept us in the dark about his poor education”.

“Even a first grader can answer this [the math test],” he said.

Last month, another bride in Uttar Pradesh married a guest at her wedding after her groom-to-be had a seizure and collapsed.

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An Indian bride has reportedly married a guest at her wedding after her fiancé had a seizure and collapsed.

Reports said the groom, Jugal Kishore, was epileptic and he had kept the information from the bride, 23-year-old Indira, and her family.

While Jugal Kishore was taken to hospital, the angry bride decided to switch husbands.

She asked her sister’s brother-in-law, Harpal Singh, who was a guest at the wedding, to step in and marry her instead. Casually dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, he accepted, The Times of India reported.Indian bride marries wedding guest

The incident took place in Rampur town in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report in The Times of India, Jugal Kishore, 25, fell to the ground in front of the wedding guests just as he was reaching out to garland Indira.

On his return from the hospital, Jugal Kishore pleaded with Indira to change her mind, telling her that he would be ridiculed by friends and relatives if he went home without a bride, but she refused.

When diplomacy failed, the family allegedly resorted to violence and entered into a brawl involving plates and cutlery.

Jugal Kishore’s family later filed a complaint at the local Milak police station but withdrew it after older relatives intervened.