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Running your own restaurant is quite the adventure. From early morning deliveries to serving customers late into the night, you’re always on the go. One big part of smooth operating is ensuring you pass inspections and receive an “A” rating. Doing so requires preparation and even a little practice. Sometimes, it even requires commercial pest control services. Read on for tips on making the grade with your restaurant.

Preparation and Practice

One way to ensure your restaurant passes inspection is to practice. You should have a copy of the local food code regulations that you must follow. Use it to look through your own establishment as if you were the health inspector. You may want to do a surprise inspection on your employees to help them prepare as well. You can also prepare by setting up a maintenance schedule, employing food handlers who are ServSafe-certified and periodically having re-training days for employees. Remember to keep accurate and organized records as well.

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Pest Control

While proper food storage is a key component to preventing pests in your restaurant, even the cleanest establishments might come across insects or rodents from time to time. Companies that provide commercial pest control services can inspect your restaurant and provide treatment for cockroaches, termites, ants, rats, mice and a variety of other pests. You may notice signs of little visitors, such as droppings or food items that look chewed on, but even if you don’t see signs, you should have a professional inspect your property at regular intervals.

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Proper Food Storage

Proper food storage and preparation is essential for passing an inspection. Store all food according to safe temperature specifications and at least six inches away from the ground. Never store uncooked food above ingredients that are ready to eat and ensure everything is properly wrapped. Remember to check your refrigerators and freezers regularly to ensure they do not rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to preparation, never cross-contaminate. Use separate cookware, utensils and surfaces for every raw or allergen-inducting food, and always wash them in hot water with approved soap before re-using them. It may help to use an HACCP program that color-coordinates prep tools so that you don’t accidentally cross-contaminate. Remember, food handlers should have clean nails, hands and forearms and should have their hair tied back and in a net. Anyone who is ill should not handle food.

If you find yourself in need of commercial pest control services for your restaurant, including wildlife removal, always hire a professional. Doing it yourself may save money now but missing something could mean lost income while you close shop to fix the problem after a poor inspection.


Writing essays can be a really annoying, time-demanding and even frustrating process, but the good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. With a proper plan and approach you can write a high-quality essay much faster than you believe. However, there are situations in which we simply can’t find enough time to write an essay. If you are in a situation like this, you should know that there are some excellent essay writing services offering their expertise and you can find them on the Internet. As a matter of fact the number of these services is constantly growing which makes it a little bit difficult to find a good one. There are few things that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right paper writing help.


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To start with, you need to be sure that you will get high-quality content. There are some people who are focused on the quantity instead of the quality. They look for deals that will provide them more pages for less money and this is wrong. You need to find a service that provides quality. Another thing that is very important is to check whether the service is reliable or not. This means that the service needs to stick to the promised deadlines and that their fast work won’t affect the quality of work. Since the topic of these essays can be on various topics it is also important to find writing services that have writers with expertise in different areas. In other words, look for essay writing services that have many writers with knowledge in different areas and writers with good experience. In addition, you should look for companies that guarantee that the work is completely unique in order to avoid any unpleasant situations in the future (accusations of plagiarism).

Now let’s see how you can find a service like that.

First and foremost, you can ask some of your friends, coworkers, colleagues or family members. If you need to finish an essay for your school project you can ask your friends and see if they know a good service that can help you with your problem. As previously mentioned these services are quite popular in the past two decades so there is a great chance that some of the people you know have already used one. If they have provided good essays to your friends they will probably provide good essays to you too especially if the topic is similar. You can also look for such services in the newspapers and magazines where you can find ads.

If you don’t have luck with these methods you can always use the Internet. This is the place where you can find all sort of information including companies that work in this industry.

If you want to be sure that you are dealing with real professionals we suggest visiting some specialized websites that publish essay writing service reviews. Thanks to their detailed reviews you will get a better picture about their professionalism and reliability. Make sure to find a website that provides unbiased reviews. Furthermore, you can use any of the major search engines like Google, Ask, Yahoo or Bing and perform a research there. You will probably get hundreds of results, so make sure to take some time and check the most popular services. Another effective method is to use online forums and discussion boards. These are the places where people usually share their own experiences and provide honest opinion about the services they have used. Just make sure that you are reading reviews from established members from these communities because there are many fake opinions and reviews too.

Once you create a shortlist of services, check their prices and choose the one that is offering the best deal.



If you’ve been handed a task or presentation to make at work but you’ve left it to the minute, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation. The only solution is to get to work, here’s how!

Get Rid of Distractions

You’ve wasted enough time already, so you can’t afford to waste anymore. We all know how easy it is to get distracted when we’re trying to work, so the trick is to remove as many of the distractions as you possibly can. Ideally, you’ll have a room to yourself, free from any family member or other people in the house.

How often to do you check your phone or check your Twitter feed? I bet the answer is a lot. But when you’re pressed for time, you couldn’t afford these distractions. Get rid of any gadgets, phones, tablets and anything else that you might tempt you to procrastinate.

Employ Multitasking

If your work project is something that you’re undertaking alone, you’ll probably have to do a lot of different jobs at once. You might have a presentation to create, a speech to right, statistics to analyse and interpret, research to undertake and conclusions to write. You can’t do all these things by yourself unless you learn how to multitask.

Some people are a lot better at this than others, but it will certainly help you get the work done a lot quicker. It’s just a case of keeping all the plates spinning at once while making sure you don’t leave anything out or forget any vital aspects of the job.


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Use the Internet

The internet is your friend, so use it wisely. Think about how much more difficult your life would be if you didn’t have the instant access to information that the internet now allows you. It’d certainly make leaving your work to the last minute that little bit more difficult. It can be a lot of help so make sure you use it.

There are all kinds of resources that can help you out. There are even apps and sites that can alert you to keep typing. If you stop typing for a certain amount of time, the alarm will set off and tell you to keep going. There are all sorts of other online resources like www.s9.com and Wikipedia that can be a great help when you need quick information too.

Don’t Forget to Check Over Everything Once Completed

When the work is finally done and it’s way past your bedtime, there is still a few things to do. You need to check through your work and make sure everything is as it should be. This is especially true if you are presenting to your bosses. You don’t want to be embarrassed by any silly mistakes.

Check every word you’ve written and make sure that the presentation style is neat and professional. It shouldn’t look like a project that you did at the last minute, even if that’s exactly what you did! And lastly, learn your lesson and leave yourself more time to do the work next time.

We all run out of time and find the work piling up from time to time, so let this guide help you out.