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The West Wing stars are to campaign for Hillary Clinton in Ohio this weekend.

Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Dule Hill, Bradley Whitford, Joshua Malina, and Mary McCormack will reunite to help organize events across the state.

The stars of the former hit political TV drama will appear in towns including Cleveland, Sandusky and Toledo.

The West Wing, also starring Martin Sheen, ran on NBC from 1999 to 2006.Hillary Clinton South Carolina victory

Martin Sheen played Democratic President Josiah Bartlet in the Golden Globe-winning drama, played out within the enclaves of the White House.

His former co-stars will go on the Clinton campaign trail to rally the public to vote, according to a campaign statement.

“The actors will discuss why they are supporting Clinton and urge Ohioans to register to vote ahead of the 11 October deadline and to get involved in organizing their communities ahead of November’s election,” the statement said.

Martin Sheen however won’t be joining his former West Wing colleagues, neither will Rob Lowe, one of the drama’s other main stars.

He has nonetheless previously stated his support for Hillary Clinton – and been damning of her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Martin Sheen also appears in a new anti-Trump video called Save the Day made by the Avengers director Joss Whedon.

Over the course of its long run, The West Wing and its cast were honored several times by the Golden Globes and the Emmys.

President Barack Obama has officially endorsed Democratic Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.

Barack Obama’s endorsement came after meeting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who has been battling Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a rare joint interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes

President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a rare joint interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes

Speaking in a video tweeted out by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama said she may be the most qualified person “ever” for the role of president.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are set to start campaigning together soon.

The two ran against one another for the Democratic nomination in 2008 and Barack Obama later made Hillary Clinton Secretary of State.

Speaking to Reuters following the endorsement, Hillary Clinton said Barack Obama’s endorsement “means the world”.

Hillary Clinton said: “It is absolutely a joy and an honor that President Obama and I, over the years, have gone from fierce competitors to true friends.”

Hillary Clinton has won the South Carolina primary, the latest battleground in the race to be Democratic presidential nominee.

Her victory was widely expected but it gives her momentum ahead of the “Super Tuesday” primaries in 11 states next week.

“Tomorrow this campaign goes national,” Hillary Clinton told cheering supporters.

Rival Bernie Sanders has congratulated Hillary Clinton but said the campaign was just beginning.

With almost all the votes counted Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by an almost 50-point margin.Hillary Clinton South Carolina victory

Eight out of 10 black voters backed Hillary Clinton, exit polls suggested, a key section of the Democratic electorate.

It is Hillary Clinton’s third victory in four contests, after wins in Iowa and Nevada. She lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton lost the South Carolina primary overwhelmingly to then Senator Barack Obama.

It was a different story this time. Soon after polls closed Hillary Clinton told supporters: “You sent a message – in America when we stand together, there is no barrier too big to break.”

On the Republican side, Donald Trump leads a field that has dwindled to five from 12 a month ago.

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus on February 24 by a wide margin – correspondents say he is beginning to look unstoppable.

In her victory speech, Hillary Clinton aimed a dig at the man tipped to be the Republican presidential candidate.

“Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again. America has never stopped being great,” Hillary Clinton said, referencing Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Donald Trump’s closest challengers in the Republican field, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, sought to put him under pressure by releasing several years of their tax returns.

The billionaire says he will not release his until an audit has been completed; his rivals accuse him of holding back the information to hide exaggerations about his wealth.

Bernie Sanders, a veteran senator from Vermont, said he was now focusing on the Super Tuesday vote.

“In politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tonight we lost,” he told reporters in Minnesota, one of the states taking part.

“I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her very strong victory. Tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake, and we intend to win many of them.”

There was some welcome news for Bernie Sanders after he was endorsed by Robert Reich, a former official in Bill Clinton’s presidential administration.

The first one-to-one Democratic debate saw Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashing over Wall Street and foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton cast Bernie Sanders as an idealist who will not get things done and Sanders accused the former Secretary of State of being too tied to the establishment to achieve real change.

The MSNBC debate in New Hampshire was their first since the Democratic race was whittled down to two this week.

Without a third person on stage, the policy differences were laid bare.

Hillary Clinton said Bernie Sanders’ proposals such as universal healthcare were too costly and unachievable.

She went after her rival aggressively over his attempts to portray her as being in the pocket of Wall Street because of the campaign donations and the fees she had received for after-dinner speeches.

Photo Reuters

Photo Reuters

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders used a favorite attack line against Hillary Clinton that she backed the Iraq War, but she questioned his foreign policy expertise.

The debate comes five days before the second state-by-state contest in the battle for the presidential nominee, in New Hampshire on February 9.

Despite the tensions over policies, the debate ended on a warm note, when Hillary Clinton said the first person she would call would be Bernie Sanders, if she won the nomination.

The debate was their first without the presence of the former governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, who quit the race on February 1.

Martin O’Malley was a distant third in the first state to vote, Iowa, where Hillary Clinton narrowly beat Bernie Sanders after a prolonged count.

Bernie Sanders holds a big lead in polls in New Hampshire, which borders the state where he is a senator, Vermont.

Both Republican and Democratic parties will formally name their presidential candidates at conventions in July.

Americans will finally go to the polls to choose the new occupant of the White House in November.


According to the State Department, 22 emails sent through Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home server while she was secretary of state contained government secrets.

The messages were “top secret” and could not be released, the State Department adds.

Spokesman John Kirby said the emails were not marked classified at the time they were sent.

Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email as secretary of state has dogged her bid for the US presidency.

The former first lady, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2016 election, has been under fire for using a private computer server for work emails while in office.

On Hillary Clinton’s request, thousands of those emails have been released by the State Department, but this is the first time her messages have been labeled classified at any level.Hillary Clinton email scandal 2016

Her campaign reacted angrily to the announcement, demanding that the emails be released in full.

“This appears to be over-classification run amok,” it said in statement.

It comes three days before Hillary Clinton competes in the Iowa presidential caucuses – the first time the public will cast their votes in the run-up to November’s election.

Messages were marked “top secret” because they would cause “exceptionally grave” damage to national security if disclosed, the State Department said.

Intelligence officials told the Associated Press that the 37 pages being withheld concerned so-called “special access programs” – clandestine projects such as drone strikes or government eavesdropping.

It was unclear whether Hillary Clinton sent “top secret” messages or only received the information.

Previously, sensitive information has been redacted from the published messages, but John Kirby said the “top secret” emails would not be released, even in part.

Hillary Clinton’s opponents have accused her of putting US security at risk by using an unsecured computer system.

She has admitted that her decision to use a private email server at her New York home was a mistake.

The State Department released another batch of Hilalry Clinton’s emails on January 29.

The department has yet to release about 7,000 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Officials in the State Department have asked for additional time to vet the messages because of the recent snowstorm that hit Washington.

They have asked to release the final batch messages on February 29, which is after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

A Hillary Clinton campaing rally at Clark Atlanta University has been interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists as she began a speech about reforming the criminal justice system.

The Democratic presidential contender spoke over the shouting, saying if elected she would carry on the work on President Barack Obama.

The group of 10 Black Lives Matter protesters were quickly escorted away.

They have interrupted campaign events to highlight police brutality, racism and mass incarceration.

The activists have mostly targeted Democrats – including Hillary Clinton and her chief rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have responded to the protests with policy proposals, meeting activists and talking about racial issues on the campaign trail.

The Black Lives Matter movement was originally formed after George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man in Florida, was acquitted of the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Photo EPA

Photo EPA

It grew to greater prominence after a white police officer killed Michael Brown – an unarmed black teenager – in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.

The protest movement has continued to gain strength over the past year after several controversial police-involved deaths of black people including those of Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland.

Friday’s rally was entitled “African Americans for Hillary”. Guests included pop singer Usher and civil rights activist and Congressman John Lewis.

The crowd of about 2,000 chanted “Let her talk!” and John Lewis asked them to stop.

“I’m sorry they didn’t listen, because some of what they demanded I am offering and intend to fight for as president,” Hillary Clinton said.

“We have to come together as a nation.”

In 1994, Hillary Clinton lobbied for one of the largest crime bills in US history, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which provided billions for prisons. The law also introduced the “three strikes” policy, which called for mandatory life imprisonment without parole for federal offenders with three or more felony or drug trafficking convictions.

Hillary Clinton has changed her position since she has been on the campaign trail, calling for the end of mass incarceration and expressing her concern over police violence and black people.

On October 30, Hillary Clinton also proposed a legal ban on racial profiling by police.

The policy would forbid federal, state and local officers from “relying on a person’s race when conducting routine or spontaneous investigatory activities,” unless they have information linking a suspect to a crime.

Hillary Clinton also supported the “ban the box” movement, an effort to prevent job applicants from being disqualified because of their criminal history.


Hillary Clinton has told a Congressional committee that she took responsibility after the 2012 attack on US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

The Democratic presidential hopeful added that as secretary of state she introduced reforms to protect diplomatic staff after the attack.

Committee chairman Trey Gowdy said: “We owe them [the victims] the truth.”

Hillary Clinton’s party says the Republican-led panel is a witch-hunt trying to harm her presidential bid.

In her opening statement at the congressional hearing, Hillary Clinton said she had asked Chris Stevens to go to Libya as US ambassador.

“After the attacks I stood next to President Obama as Marines carried his casket,” she said.

“I took responsibility, and as part of that before I left office I launched reforms to better protect our people in the field and help reduce the chance of another tragedy happening in the future.”Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearing October 2015

Hillary Clinton said her appearance was her way of honoring the lives lost, and she called on those present to put national security above partisan politics.

Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, seated next to the chairman, said Republicans were wasting taxpayer money in an effort to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

However, Trey Gowdy denied his committee was going after Hillary Clinton.

Instead, he said, it was looking for the truth behind the diplomatic compound’s unsuccessful requests for more security and personnel in the build up to the attacks.

There have already been seven congressional investigations into the attack, by suspected Islamist militants, on the US compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

The raid led to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US embassy staff.

Hillary Clinton said Chris Stevens was well aware of the risks of his job but withdrawing American presence from Libya would have been a mistake.

“To retreat from the world is not an option. America cannot shrink from our ability to lead,” she said.

When the US pulls out of places, extremists gain a foothold, Hillary Clinton added, although she did admit that security requests made by the Benghazi consulate were not met.

An independent review board found deficiencies within the State Department that the Obama administration has tried to fix, Hillary Clinton said.

Observers say this is a key moment for Hillary Clinton, who solidified her position as the Democrats’ frontrunner for presidential candidate after her potential rival, VP Joe Biden, ruled himself out of the race on October 22.

Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the House of Representatives Select Committee on Benghazi could further strengthen her position or raise doubts about her suitability as a presidential nominee.

Hillary Clinton has unveiled her plan to curb Wall Street abuses.

The Democratic presidential front-runner’s proposals include harsher penalties for executives, including forcing them to share fines imposed against their institutions.

Hillary Clinton said there was still too much risk in the financial system:“<<Too big to fail>> is still too big a problem.”

The plan focuses on reining in Wall Street and holding individuals more accountable. If a bank engaged in trading that risked its financial stability, senior managers would not be eligible for bonuses.Hillary Clinton Wall Street plan

Hillary Clinton’s plan included imposing a “risk fee” on big financial institutions to discourage short-term borrowing and encourage them to hold more cash.

She would also impose new taxes on high frequency trading, which has been blamed for market disruptions.

The proposals also strengthen the Volcker rule, which prevents banks from using their own money in certain trades.

Senator Barney Frank helped the Clinton camp draft the proposal. He was the co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act, the most significant Wall Street regulation to emerge since the financial crisis.

However, Hilary Clinton stopped short of calling for the reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act – a law that separated high street banks from investment banks – saying she prefers “a different way”. Glass Steagall was repealed by former President Bill Clinton during his Presidency.

Hillary Clinton has come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal championed by President Barack Obama.

The historic trade deal involves 12 countries along the Pacific rim, including the US, Australia and Japan.

In a recent interview, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said the agreement left many “unanswered questions” and did not met the “high bar” she had set.

“I am not in favor of what I have learned about it,” she told PBS.

The former Secretary of State joins rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, in opposing the agreement.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

The deal took five years to negotiate and covers 40% of the global economy.

In an interview on October 7, Hillary Clinton said she would only support a trade bill that helped American workers.

“I have said from the very beginning that we had to have a trade agreement that would create good American jobs, raise wages and advance our national security and I still believe that is the high bar we have to meet,” she said.

President Barack Obama, for whom the deal would be a prime economic achievement of his second term, said the deal would level the global playing field for US workers.

“[The deal] includes the strongest commitments on labor and the environment of any trade agreement in history,” he said after the agreement was reached.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton also plans to propose a tax on high-frequency trading, her campaign said.

The tax would target securities transactions with excessive levels of order cancelations that can destabilize the markets, a campaign aide said.


Hillary Clinton has unveiled her plan for new gun control laws in the wake of the deadly Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon.

The Democratic presidential hopeful proposes abolishing legislation that protects gun makers and dealers from being sued by shooting victims.

Hillary Clinton also vowed to use executive powers as president to expand background checks at gun shows and ban domestic abusers from purchasing guns.

The issue of gun control is a hugely divisive issue in the US.

Hillary Clinton’s announcement comes after a deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, last week left eight students and a teacher dead.Hillary Clinton gun law proposals

She told a rally in New Hampshire: “I will try every way I can to get those guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

“We need to prevent these kinds of terrible crimes that are happening.”

Hillary Clinton’s stance means she is going further in toughening the law than her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who has called for “sensible gun-control legislation”.

The father of the gunman, Christopher Harper Mercer, who killed himself during an exchange with police, has called for more gun control in the US.

“I’m not trying to say that that’s to blame for what happened, but if Chris had not been able to get hold of 13 guns, this wouldn’t have happened,” he told CNN.

Republican rivals insist that restricting gun access will not do anything to prevent mass shootings.

Jeb Bush said “more government” is not the answer to tragedies.

“There’s always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something, and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do,” he said.

Donald Trump said the shooting was “another mental health problem”.


The private email account used by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state was targeted by Russia-based hackers, newly released emails show.

Hillary Clinton received at least five emails containing malware.

The “phishing” emails, disguised as speeding tickets, would have enabled the hackers to control her computer.

The infected computer would have sent information to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia.

A spokesman for HillaryClinton said there was no evidence of a breach.

The hacking attempts were included in thousands of emails released by the State Department.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

Hillary Clinton’s opponents have accused her of putting US security at risk by using an unsecured computer system.

The Democrat presidential hopeful says no classified information was sent or received.

The five emails, sent over a four-hour period in August 2011, show hackers had Hillary Clinton’s email address, which was not public, and contained a virus concealed as a speeding ticket from New York state, where she lives.

The email containing instructions to open and print the speeding ticket misspelled the name of the city concerned, Chatham, came from a supposed New York City government account and contained a “Ticket.zip” file of the kind usually picked up by commercial antivirus software.

Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said there was no evidence to suggest she replied to the emails or opened the attachment.

“All these emails show is that, like millions of other Americans, she received spam,” he said.

The state department disclosed that Hillary Clinton used a private server during her time as secretary of state (between 2009 and 2013) after journalists requested copies of her government emails.

Hillary Clinton has admitted that her decision to use a private email server at her New York home was a mistake.

However, the latest set of her emails to be released also reveal frustration within the State Department at the technology it was using while she was in office.

In one email exchange Hillary Clinton’s then head of policy Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote that the department’s technology was “so antiquated” that high-level officials “routinely end up using their home email accounts to be able to get their work done quickly and effectively”.

Anne-Marie Slaughter suggested writing an opinion piece to highlight the problem and Hillary Clinton agreed the idea “made good sense”, but her chief of staff Cheryl Mills warned against “telegraphing” how often senior officials relied on their private email accounts to do government business because it could encourage hackers.

According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, Vice President Joe Biden tops presidential choice for one in four Americans who are registered Democrats or lean.

The poll findings released on September 23 represent a notable achievement for an as-yet undeclared candidate, suggest concerns about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and raise the prospect of a competitive three-way race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bloomberg reports.

According to the national poll, Hillary Clinton is now the top choice of 33% of registered Democrats and those who lean Democrat.Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in polls

Joe Biden places second with 25% and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is at 24%. The other three Democratic candidates combined are the top choice for less than 4% of that base.

Recent polls in states that will host the earliest contests of the presidential campaign, Iowa and New Hampshire, have shown Bernie Sanders closing in on and, in some cases, surpassing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden in a more distant third place.

As Hillary Clinton’s numbers have dropped, Joe Biden has been openly mulling a late entry into the race.

However, Joe Biden is delaying a decision to allow himself and his family an opportunity to grieve the death of his son, Beau, to brain cancer.


Hillary Clinton says she opposes the controversial Keystone XL pipeline which would carry Canadian oil to the US.

The US State Department is still studying whether to go ahead with the Keystone XL project.

The Democratic presidential candidate has previously avoided taking a position on the matter.

Now, at a campaign event in Iowa, Hillary Clinton said the pipeline would be a “distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change”.Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone pipeline

“Therefore, I oppose it,” she told supporters.

Until now, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had avoiding giving an opinion on the project, saying she did not want to interfere with the Obama administration’s deliberations.

However, Hillary Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic candidacy, Bernie Sanders, has long opposed the scheme and called on her to make her position clear.

The 1,179-mile pipe was first proposed seven years ago, and would transport oil from the oil sands in Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico via Nebraska.

Supporters say the project will create jobs and US increase energy security, while opponents say it will only increase carbon emissions.


Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will unveil a plan to rein in prescription drug costs by forcing pharmaceutical companies to reinvest their profits into research and allowing for more generic and imported drugs.

The proposal, which Hillary Clinton will outline in a speech in Iowa on September 22, would also allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug costs and cap out-of-pocket expenses, according to details of the plan sent out by her campaign team.

The plan seeks to address a key shortcoming of ObamaCare, President Barack Obama’s signature health law, as Hillary Clinton aims to show how she would put her imprint on it.Hillary Clinton prescription drug plan

On September 21, Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet referencing a New York Times article about Daraprim, a drug to treat toxoplasmosis that increased in price overnight from $13.50 to $750 per tablet.

“Price gouging like this in the specialty drug market is outrageous. Tomorrow I’ll lay out a plan to take it on,” Hillary Clinton said.

US pharmaceuticals companies charge Americans thousands of dollars for new drugs that are often priced lower in other developed nations while receiving billions of taxpayer dollars for basic research, according to the campaign.

The prescription drug plan is part of a broader focus on health care this week.

On September 23, Hillary Clinton will outline a separate set of proposals to address other out-of-pocket health costs that patients face.

According to the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s plan will propose to:

  • Deny tax breaks for consumer advertising and demand that drug companies instead invest US taxpayer dollars in research and development. Many companies benefit from corporate write-offs for advertising aimed specifically at consumers. Companies that receive federal funds would be required to reinvest a certain amount in research.
  • Encourage the production of generic drugs including lowering the amount of time companies can exclusively produce new treatments.
  • Cap what insurers can charge consumers with chronic or serious health conditions in out-of-pocket costs. Health insurance plans would place a monthly limit of $250 on out-of-pocket costs for such patients.
  • Allow Americans to import drugs from abroad. Countries in Europe with similar safety standards often pay half of what American pay for the same drugs, according to the campaign.
  • Allow Medicare to negotiate drug and biologic prices, especially for high-cost drugs with limited competition.

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has apologized for her use of a personal email account for official business whilst secretary of state between 2009 and 2013.

In a Facebook post, Hillary Clinton wrote she was “sorry” and had made a “mistake”.

The former secretary of state’ use of private email has generated a barrage of criticism as Hillary Clinton runs for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 election.

Critics say that her set-up was not secure, contrary to government policy, and meant to shield her from oversight.

Hillary Clinton apologized for the first time for using a personal account during an interview on September 8.

“That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility, and I’m trying to be as transparent as I possibly can,” she told ABC news.

On her Facebook page Hillary Clinton wrote: “Yes, I should have used two email addresses, one for personal matters and one for my work at the State Department. Not doing so was a mistake. I’m sorry about it, and I take full responsibility.”

Hillary Clinton continued to deny that she had broken any government rules or laws. She wrote that “nothing I ever sent or received was marked classified at the time”.Hillary Clinton apologizes for using private email

Political analysts – including fellow Democrats – have said the Clinton campaign has stumbled in its response to the controversy and Hillary Clinton had not seemed contrite – at times even making jokes about the email issue.

It has been a major issue in the presidential race. Polls show an increasing number of voters view her as “untrustworthy” due in part to the questions surrounding her email use.

Under US federal law, officials’ correspondence is considered to be US government property.

Government employees are encouraged to use official email accounts although some top officials have used personal accounts in the past.

The State Department has been investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server.

In March, Hilalry Clinton said she and her lawyers made the decision over what would be considered work-related email when the state department asked for records from former secretaries of state.

The emails deemed work-related were about half of the 60,000 emails she sent in total during her time in office. The emails she deemed personal were deleted, Hillary Clinton said.

Since then, the State Department has been releasing the emails to the public in batches about once a month. Some of these emails have been censored by the department as they contain classified information.

According to a SurveyUSA poll released on September 4, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton head-to-head.

The poll finds that matched up directly, Donald Trump garners 45% to Hillary Clinton’s 40%.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

In other head-to-head matchups, Donald Trump beats out Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by 44% to 40%; Vice President Joe Biden by 44% to 42%; and former Vice President Al Gore by 44% to 41%.

The SurveyUSA poll also found that 30% of respondents believe Donald Trump will eventually be the Republican nominee, leading the field.

Jeb Bush came in second, with 20% saying they expect him to win the nomination. Following the former Florida governor in order were retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

The poll surveyed 1,000 adults across the United States between September 2 and 3, and it had a margin of error of 3.3%.


According to an official from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the presidential hopeful and her family personally paid a State Department staffer to maintain the private e-mail server she used while heading the agency.

The arrangement helped Hillary Clinton retain personal control over the system that she used for her public and private duties and that has emerged as an issue for her campaign, the Washington Post reported.

However, according to the campaign official, it also ensured that taxpayer dollars were not spent on a private server that was shared by Hillary Clinton, her husband and their daughter as well as aides to the former president.

That State Department staffer, Bryan Pagliano, told a congressional committee this week that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination instead of testifying about the setup.Hillary Clinton paid Bryan Pagliano to maintain server

The private employment of Bryan Pagliano provides a new example of the ways that Hillary Clinton — who occupied a unique role as a Cabinet secretary who was also a former and potentially future presidential candidate — hired staff to work simultaneously for her in public and private capacities.

Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, and Huma Abedin, a close confidant who served as deputy chief of staff, both spent time working for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation or the Clintons personally.

Bryan Pagliano had served as the IT director of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and then worked for her political action committee.

The Clintons paid Bryan Pagliano $5,000 for “computer services” prior to his joining the State Department, according to a financial disclosure form he filed in April 2009.

Even after arriving at the State Department in May 2009, Bryan Pagliano continued to be paid by the Clintons to maintain the server, which was in their Chappaqua, New York, home, according to the campaign official and another person familiar with the arrangement, the Washington Post reported.

The private pay arrangement has not previously been reported. The State Department has declined to answer questions about whether the private system was widely known within the agency or officially approved.

Asked in early August about whether Bryan Pagliano had been paid privately to maintain the server, a State Department official said that the agency had “found no evidence that he ever informed the department that he had outside income”.

This week, a different State Department official said he could not clarify Bryan Pagliano’s pay situation, citing “ongoing reviews and investigations” of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail setup.

Bryan Pagliano did not list the outside income in the required personal financial disclosures he filed each year.

The State Department has said Bryan Pagliano concluded his full-time service in February 2013, which coincides with Hillary Clinton’s departure as secretary.

Bryan Pagliano remains a State Department contractor doing work on “mobile and remote computing functions,” according to a State Department spokesman.


Hillary Clinton has said she regrets using private email account while serving as secretary of state.

She has also said she wished she had made a “different choice”.

“I’m sorry this has been confusing,” Hillary Clinton told MSNBC.

Her use of private email has generated a barrage of criticism as Hillary Clinton runs for the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 election.

Critics say that Hillary Clinton’s set-up was not secure, contrary to government policy, and meant to shield her from oversight.



Political analysts – including fellow Democrats – have said the Clinton campaign has stumbled in its response to the controversy and Hillary Clinton had not seemed contrite – at times even making jokes about the email issue.

A more somber Hillary Clinton took full responsibility in Friday’s interview, saying she didn’t “stop and think” about how use of a private email account would be perceived.

It has been a major issue in the presidential race. Polls show an increasing number of voters view her as “untrustworthy” due in part to the questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email use.

Under US federal law, officials’ correspondence is considered to be US government property.

Government employees are encouraged to use official email accounts although some top officials have used personal accounts in the past.

In March, Hillary Clinton said she and her lawyers made the decision over what would be considered work-related email when the state department asked for records from former secretaries of state.

The emails deemed work-related were about half of the 60,000 emails she sent in total during her time in office. The emails she deemed personal were deleted, Hillary Clinton said.

Since then, the state department has been releasing the emails to the public in batches about once a month.


Thousands of pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails while secretary of state have been released, including many that have been censored after being deemed classified.

Hillary Clinton, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election, has been under fire for using a private computer server for work emails while in office.

She says no classified information was sent or received.

However, some 150 emails were deemed confidential by the State Department.

Hillary Clinton’s opponents have accused her of putting US security at risk by using an unsecured computer system.

The former secretary of state has admitted that her decision to use a private email server at her New York home was a mistake.

Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

The emails – the details of which were found among more than 7,000 pages of her correspondence released by the department late on August 31 – were partly censored.

The State Department said about 150 of the messages had to be censored because they contained information considered to be classified.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner was quoted by AFP as saying the process of re-evaluating the remaining unreleased emails was continuing.

However, the vast majority of the correspondence concerned mundane matters of daily life at workplace, including phone messages and relays of daily schedules.

Associated Press says the emails revealed that Hillary Clinton and her aides were acutely aware of the need to protect sensitive information.

More than a quarter of Hillary Clinton’s work emails have now been released, after she provided the State Department with 30,000 pages of documents last year.

Polls indicate that the email scandal has affected Hillary Clinton’s ratings, though she remains the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Hilary Clinton has hit back at her Republican rival Jeb Bush over who is responsible for instability in Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS).

On August 11, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush accused the Obama administration of a “premature withdrawal” of US forces from Iraq in 2011, with “grievous” costs.

Hillary Clinton replied by saying it was Jeb Bush’s brother, George W. Bush, who, as president, negotiated a US withdrawal.

The US-led war in 2003 has been followed by years of turmoil.

Photo AP

Photo AP

Jeb Bush called the withdrawal of US forces in 2011 a “fatal error”, destabilizing the nation and setting the stage for the rise of the Islamic State.

“So eager to be the history-makers, they failed to be the peacemakers,” Jeb Bush said of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who was Obama’s secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

“Rushing away from danger can be every bit as unwise as rushing into danger,” he told a rally in California.

On the campaign trail in Iowa on August 15, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton responded by saying Jeb Bush “should present the entire picture. [That]… includes the agreement George W. Bush made with the Maliki government in Iraq that set the end of 2011 as the date to withdraw American troops”.

“I can only wonder whether he either did not know that or thought that other people would not be reminded of that,” Hillary Clinton went on.

Earlier in the campaign Jeb Bush was ridiculed for struggling to say whether he would have approved the Iraq invasion “knowing what we know now”.

At first, he said he would, then he said he wouldn’t engage in “hypotheticals” and finally he announced he would not have.

Hillary Clinton herself voted in favor of the invasion in Iraq in 2002, and has since both defended the decision and acknowledged she “got it wrong”.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to hand over to the FBI the private email server that she used on duty.

Hillary Clinton’s use of private email has generated a barrage of criticism as she runs for president.

Critics say that her set-up was unsecure, contrary to government policy and designed to shield her communications from oversight.

The FBI is investigating whether classified information was improperly sent via the server and stored there.

Hillary Clinton initially handed over thousands of pages of emails to the state department, but not the server.

Her lawyers will also hand over to the FBI memory sticks which contain the copies of the emails.Hillary Clinton private email server

Hillary Clinton’s use of private email has been a major issue in the presidential race. Polls show an increasing number of voters view her as “untrustworthy” due in part to the questions surrounding her email use.

Under US federal law, officials’ correspondence is considered to be US government property.

Government employees are encouraged to use government email accounts although some top officials have used personal accounts in the past.

In March, Hillary Clinton said she and her lawyers made the decision over what would be considered work-related email when the state department asked for records from former secretaries of state.

The emails deemed work-related were about half of the 60,000 emails she sent in total during her time in office. The emails she deemed personal were deleted, Hillary Clinton said.

Since then, the state department has been releasing the emails to the public in batches about once a month.

On August 11, the state department said it would not be releasing a portion of Hillary Clinton’s emails because some of the messages were retroactively determined to be “top secret”.

Hillary Clinton has launched her campaign to become the first woman US president.

The former secretary of state also announced a tour of key states for her campaign.

Hillary Clinton is taking a road trip to meet small groups of voters in Iowa, having announced her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on April 12.

She had been expected to declare her candidacy for months.

Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 but lost to Barack Obama.Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign

A few hours into her journey from New York to Iowa, Hillary Clinton tweeted: “Road trip! Loaded the van & set off for IA. Met a great family when we stopped this afternoon. Many more to come. -H.”

Her team said she would spend the next few weeks building up grassroots support in the early Democratic primary states.

Hillary Clinton’s first rally, to officially kick off her campaign, is not expected until mid-May. But her trip to Iowa is to be a “listening tour” where Hillary Clinton will meet voters at low-key events.

Later this week, Hillary Clinton is expected to meet groups of students, teachers and small business owners.

On April 12, Hillary Clinton launched her campaign website and declared in a video that she was running for president.

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,” she said, “but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.

Hillary Clinton added that she wanted to be a champion for “everyday Americans”.

The video features a number of Americans talking about their hopes and aspirations.

Hillary Clinton is to announce her 2016 presidential bid on Sunday, April 12, according to Democrats sources.

The forms secretary of state’s announcement will most probably come via social media, including a video message. Early state visits could come as soon as next week with Iowa the most likely first stop.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid marks the second time she has tried to become the first female to win the White House.Hillary Clinton White House 2016

After her defeat at the hands of Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton firmly said “no” when asked whether she would ever run for president again. However, since then, her position has evolved.

In recent months, Hillary Clinton has been gearing up for her campaign. Behind the scenes, she has hired a robust team, including many of Barack Obama’s former advisers and strategists.

Her team also recently signed a lease for a new office space in Brooklyn, New York, which will serve has her campaign headquarters.

Hillary Clinton will enter the race as the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and is leading all her possible Republican opponents in early polls.

According to recent reports, Mitt Romney has been reviving his national network of political supporters and donors for a third run at the White House in 2016.

One Republican source told the Washington Post the defeated 2012 candidate “almost certainly will” launch a 2016 presidential campaign.

Last week Mitt Romney told Republican donors in New York he was interested in running.

If he does, he could be up against Jeb Bush for the party nomination and then Hillary Clinton in a general election.

The Washington media is abuzz with reports that Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, has spent the past few days reaching out to political allies and potential sources of campaign funding.

The Post reports that Mitt Romeny’s wife Ann has come round to the idea, although there are still some reservations among his five sons.

Photo AP

Photo AP

Few families can know as well as the Romneys what is involved.

In 2008, their father and husband won some of the Republican primary contests but was beaten by John McCain.

Four years later, Mitt Romney fell at the final hurdle, losing in the presidential election to Barack Obama, who decisively secured victory and his second term.

Mitt Romney’s campaign was criticized for alienating Hispanics and not connecting sufficiently with ordinary people.

According to Politico, Mitt Romney is determined to learn from past mistakes and is thinking about making helping the poor a central theme of any campaign.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and brother of former president, George W. Bush, declared he is actively exploring a potential run.

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush could be competing both for the same financial backers and for the Republican middle ground.

2016 possible candidates

No-one has formally declared but these are some of the names to watch:

  • Jeb Bush
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  • Texas Senator Ted Cruz
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Rand Paul
  • Hillary Clinton [youtube qB9ci3cawLc 650]

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama has said that Hillary Clinton would be a “great president” if she decided to run for the White House in 2016.

Barack Obama told ABC News Hillary Clinton was not “going to agree with me on everything”, which could be a welcome break for voters after his eight years in office.

Hillary Clinton, 67, lost the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination campaign to Barack Obama.

She is expected to announce whether she will run again in the early 2015.

President Barack Obama said he talked regularly with Hillary Clinton, describing her as a “friend”.

He said a number of possible Democratic contenders for the top job would do well, but Hillary Clinton was the only one he mentioned by name.

He added the wife of former President Bill Clinton would make a “formidable” and “great” president.

At the same time, Barack Obama acknowledged that Hillary Clinton, who had served in his administration as secretary of state, might do things differently from him.

“One of the benefits of running for president is you can stake out your own positions, and have a clean slate, a fresh start.”

Barack Obama also admitted that voters would want what he described as a “new car smell” in the 2016 elections, hinting that he may not have a high-profile role in the campaign.

Hillary Clinton played a prominent role in last month’s mid-term elections, in which the Republicans took control of the Senate.

For two months, Hillary Clinton criss-crossed the country campaigning hard to help Democrats in tight races.

Hilary Clinton her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, were the surrogates every Democrat wanted while President Barack Obama was spurned.

[youtube _PPl_Za2W70 650]