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A Pennsylvania woman says she was fired from her job at Hickory Bar & Grille in Hermitage after taking off work to receive a mammogram.

Jamie Crytzer told KDKA-TV her manager said “you’re going to do whatever you want, and this is job abandonment”.

Hickory Bar & Grille said it did nothing wrong.Hicckory Bar and Grille fires employee for mammogram

Jamie Crytzer told the Pittsburgh CBS affiliate she recently discovered a lump on her breast and immediately set up an appointment for a mammogram, which apparently was not an issue for her employers.

However, an earlier appointment opened up, and when she asked her manager if she could leave work for an hour, he wasn’t as receptive.

When Jamie Crytzer returned to the restaurant the following day, she was told she had been fired.

In a statement released to KDKA, Hickory Bar & Grille said “all personnel actions taken were in complete accordance with proper personnel management”.