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Beautytek claims to reshape bodies for both men and women

Beautytek claims to reshape bodies for both men and women


A non-invasive technique, Beautytek,claims to reshape, lift and tone over nine areas of the body.


Practitioners said Beautytek can lift breasts by up to five centimeters, flatten stomachs, lift buttocks and thighs, smooth out cellulite, reduce acne, scarring, wrinkles and stretchmarks.

The treatment seems to be pain free, without side effects. After twelve sessions one’s appearance is change and with one to two top up treatments each year, the results last a lifetime, it is said. Without annual treatment, the effects last only several months.

Beautytek triggers the body’s natural chemicals to encourage anti-aging of the skin to take place.There is nothing artificial or chemical about the device which makes it an entirely drug-free treatment without the need for surgery.” Said Henning Buscher who helped develop Beautytek.


Beautytek combines ancient Chinese principles of acupressure (certain points of the body are stimulated to adjust energy flow) with modern technology.


This technique could balance the organiwsm by stimulating the lymphatic system blood circulation, hormonal release, and metabolism.

The practitioners said the human body has its own electro-magnetic field and they think fatigue, weight problems and skin complaints (spots, wrinkles) are caused by inefficient electrical flow.

A computer analyzes one’s electro-magnetic field and if the electrical current is slow, the computer stimulates certain acupressure – or energy – points with mild electrical pulses.This triggers movement of fluid between skin cells and “push out” fat from cells. The excess fat passes along the lymphatic drainage system towards the kidney and it is eliminated from the organism through urine. The blood circulation is increased on the stimulated areas and tone the muscles. Beautytek also triggers the endocrine system into releasing the correct amount of hormones. The combined effects boosts natural collagen production of skin cells. A session takes around 45 minutes and the need to urinate may occur during it.

Every adult can undergo a Beautytek treatment except pregnant women and people with pacemakers, said the practitioners. However, it is better to get medical exam and a consult from the GP before the treatment.

Dr Horst Frank, a dermatologist from Frankfurt, Germany, has monitorised 150 patients over a year in his clinic and the patients report their treatment was 90 per cent successful.


In the same time the dermatologists warn that there’s no proving that Beautytek works until double blind clinical trials have been completed.


“I’m not aware of any reason why people shouldn’t use the method, but unless there is reasonable data to prove that the claims work, I can’t endorse the treatment.” said Dr Neil Walker, a dermatologist at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Iniatially Beautytek was designed as a device to treat pain in hospitals, then the technique was developed in Italy in 2000 for cosmetic purposes. Beautytek has been used in over 30 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, US, Canada, China, UK.