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Pharrell Williams addressed local New York students at an UN event on the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

The singer discussed the importance of addressing climate change.

Pharrell Williams took the stage of the General Assembly Hall and greeted teen attendees with: “I’m staring at the future right now. Hello to the future.”

“Music brought me happiness. And when you find out what makes you happy – and it can be something as detailed as a long-term goal or it can be something as simple as the way I feel when my son smiles – you should know that happiness is your birthright,” the singer said.Pharrell Williams at United Nations

“It’s a reaction to something.”

“We have to move from climate change to climate action,” Pharrell Williams said.

“We’re in trouble but we can change.”

In partnership with the UN Foundation, Pharrell Williams launched a global online “Happy Party”. The online campaign’s aim is to have supporters sign the Live Earth Petition, which will urge global leaders to tackle climate change and make it a priority at the December summit. He invited fans to upload personal photos on globalhappyparty.com that will be transformed into a gif to the Happy song.

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