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According to Pyongyang reports, North Korean scientists have invented a hangover-free alcohol.

The state-run Pyongyang Times says the “suave” liquor will spare you wincing when you wake, despite boasting 30%-40% alcohol.

The brew is reportedly made from a type of indigenous ginseng called insam and glutinous rice, and cultivated by an organic farming method.

North Korean media is known for making often outlandish claims about its domestic achievements.

In 2015, North Korea said medical products containing extracts from the insam plant could cure MERS, SARS and even AIDS.

Photo AP

Photo AP

The Pyongyang Times said the new alcohol “exudes national flavor”, without dampening your national fervor the following morning.

Among its other unique selling points, according to the paper – the spirit “is highly appreciated by experts and lovers”.

The newspaper article, titled, Liquor wins quality medal for preserving national smack, says the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory has been working for years on the elixir.

The drink derives from Kaesong Koryo insam – a natural herb thought to have medicinal properties. According to the Pyongyang Times, replacing sugar with the scorched, glutinous rice removed the bitterness from the insam and, crucially, the hangover.

“Koryo Liquor, which is made of six-year-old Kaesong Koryo insam, known as being highest in medicinal effect, and the scorched rice, is highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover,” the article reads.

The liquor “has already been registered as a national scientific and technological hit”, it adds.


Psy decided switching genres would be his best bet for another hit with his latest single so he teamed with Snoop Dogg on the hip-hop track Hangover.

The Hangover video, which debuted Sunday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Psy’s YouTube channel, serves as a lesson in Asian hangover remedies.

“This video is not about dance moves, but it’s about like culture exchanging,” Psy said.

The South Korean pop star said Snoop Dogg signed on immediately after only hearing the song’s title.

Psy teamed with Snoop Dogg on the hip-hop track Hangover

Psy teamed with Snoop Dogg on the hip-hop track Hangover

Psy signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, after Gangnam Style’s initial success. He said he appreciates Scooter Braun’s guidance and impressive drinking abilities.

“He is the most strongest tolerance with alcohol among Americans,” Psy said.

“Asians drink really hard and really mixing everything and really drinking hard every day. So literally I was kind of like unbeatable person with the alcohol before I meet Scooter.”

Psy will return to his EDM roots on a new EP, due later this year. But this time he plans to include more English lyrics.

“People always comparing my new thing with <<Gangnam Style>>, which is unbeatable,” Psy said in a recent interview at YouTube Space LA.

“That means I have a severe, heavy pressure on my shoulder. … In that way I don’t like the song.”

Gangnam Style recently surpassed 2 billion views, a record for YouTube. The South Korean pop star also holds the record for most views in a day with 38 million for his Gangnam Style follow up Gentleman.

[youtube HkMNOlYcpHg 650]


A new vaccine will give anyone who drinks even a small amount of alcohol an immediate and very heavy hangover.

Scientists from the University of Chile have spent a year designing the drug in a bid to tackle the growing problem of alcoholism in the country.

The vaccine, which would be effective for between six months and a year, works by sending a biochemical message to the liver telling it not to express genes that metabolize alcohol.

Normally, the liver turns alcohol into the hangover-causing compound called acetaldehyde which is then broken down by a metabolizing enzyme.

If someone who’s been vaccinated tries to drink alcohol, they will immediately experience severe nausea, accelerated heartbeat, and general discomfort.

Once the vaccine has been administered it cannot be reversed.

A preclinical trial using mice to determine the correct dosing is due to begin next month with researchers hoping to begin tests on human subjects in November.

A new vaccine will give anyone who drinks even a small amount of alcohol an immediate and very heavy hangover

A new vaccine will give anyone who drinks even a small amount of alcohol an immediate and very heavy hangover

Dr. Juan Asenjo, director of the university’s Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology said while the vaccine is not a cure-all, it could provide an important first step.

He told the Santiago Times newspaper: “People who end up alcoholic have a social problem; a personality problem because they’re shy, whatever, and then they are depressed, so it’s not so simple.

“But if we can solve the chemical, the basic part of the problem, I think it could help quite a bit.

“In Chile, according to the most recent 2011 study from the World Health Organization, one in 15 men have an alcohol use disorder. “

Dr. Juan Asenjo believes the vaccine has the potential to help millions of people worldwide.

He added: “If it works, it’s going to have a worldwide impact, but with many vaccines one has to test them carefully. I think the chances that this one will work are quite high.”

Inspiration for the vaccine came from the far East, said Dr. Juan Asenjo, where between 15 and 20 pwer cent of Japanese, Chinese or Koreans have a mutation which inhibits the breakdown of alcohol in their bodies.

The idea of using drugs to combat alcoholism is not new.

Disulfiram, which was developed almost a century ago works in a similar way blocking the enzyme from breaking down alcohol, thus intensifying the body’s negative response.

However, users often find the effects so unpleasant they simply stop taking the pills.