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halloween ghost

Halloween ghost

Step 1: Tie pillowcase

Tie string about 4 inches from each corner on the closed end of pillowcase to make the “ears.”

Step 2: Cut a slit

Cut a small slit in the center of pillowcase between “ears” for hanging loop.

Step 3: Add hanger

Tie monofilament to hoop or ring for a hanger. Place hoop or ring inside pillowcase and thread hanger through the hole in the pillowcase.

Halloween ghost

Halloween ghost

Step 4: Cut slits

Cut slits along bottom edge of pillowcase as shown.

Step 5: Make eyes and mouth

Trace three ovals (two smaller, one larger) onto tracing paper with pencil. Cut two eyes and a mouth from black felt. Glue the eyes and mouth to the front of ghost.

Step 6: Add accessories

Tie ribbon into a small bow for bow tie. Glue bow tie below the mouth.