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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

According to Haitian police, a group of 28 foreign mercenaries, including retired Colombian soldiers, assassinated Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse earlier this week.

After a gun battle in the capital Port-au-Prince, 17 were detained, some at the house they were using, others after entering Taiwan’s diplomatic compound.

Three suspects were killed by police and eight are still being sought.

Bloodied and bruised, arrested suspects were shown to the media on July 8, along with a slew of seized weapons.

It is still unclear who organized the attack and with what motive.

Also unclear is who is in charge of the country. On July 9, a group of political parties added to that uncertainty by nominating a president, although how much legitimacy that has is unknown.

The attack took place in the early hours of July 7, when gunmen broke into the president’s home in Port-au-Prince, shooting him dead and wounding his wife. President Moïse, 53, was found lying on his back with 12 bullet wounds and a gouged eye, according to authorities.

First Lady Martine Moïse, 47, was seriously wounded and is in a stable condition after being flown to Florida for treatment.

Police said the hit squad included mainly Colombians, along with two Haitian-Americans.

Found in the suspects’ possession were firearms, sets of US dollar bills, Jovenel Moïse’s personal chequebook and the server that held surveillance camera footage from his home, Le Nouvelliste newspaper reported.

Taiwan confirmed that 11 of the suspects were arrested after breaking into a courtyard at its compound.

Jovenel Moise: Haiti President Assassinated at His Private Residence

Angry civilians had joined the search for the gunmen, and helped police track down some who were hiding in bushes. The crowd set fire to three of the suspects’ cars and destroyed evidence.

Police chief Léon Charles called for calm, saying the public should not take the law into their own hands.

At the news conference on July 8, police showed reporters Colombian passports.

Colombia’s government has pledged to assist Haiti with its investigation efforts.

Colombian police director, Gen. Jorge Luis Vargas, said 17 former Colombian soldiers were thought to be involved.

The US state department, meanwhile, said it could not confirm if any of its citizens had been detained.

However, US and Canadian media are reporting that one of the dual citizens arrested, James Solages, 35, is from Florida and was a former bodyguard at the Canadian embassy in Haiti.

An investigating judge told local media that James Solages and the other US citizen, named as Joseph Vincent, had said they were there as translators for the mercenaries, after finding the job on the internet.

“The mission was to arrest President Jovenel Moïse… and not to kill him,” Judge Clément Noël told Le Nouvelliste.

On July 9, the US said it was sending FBI and department of homeland security officials to Haiti following the nation’s request for help in the investigation.

Members of Jovenel Moïse’s security detail have been summoned before Haiti’s courts to answer questions about its failures.

Colombian daily El Tiempo said that it had seen confidential documents that named the Colombian suspects. The paper’s research suggests that four of them flew from Colombia to the Dominican Republic on June 4.

They crossed by land from there into Haiti two days later. The two countries share the island of Hispaniola.

According to El Tiempo, Colombian intelligence has seen photos posted on social media by members of the group, showing them posing at a popular tourist spot in the Dominican Republic.

The killing of President Moïse has triggered some civil unrest in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Americas.

A state of emergency remains in force across Haiti, while the Dominican Republic has closed its border.

Haitian President Michel Martelly has left office at the end of his term amid tension over how he is to be replaced.

No successor has yet been chosen as opposition supporters challenge a deal to select an interim leader.

The first day of carnival has been called off over the threat of more opposition protests.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, is still struggling to recover from a huge earthquake in 2010.

The last-minute deal aims to prevent the country from plunging into an immediate power vacuum.

In a speech, Michel Martelly said his biggest regret was that January’s presidential election had been postponed.

The runoff vote to elect Michel Martelly’s successor was shelved because of fears of violence and allegations of fraud.Michel Martelly ends term

It will now be held on April 24, with a new president due to be sworn in on May 14.

Under the latest agreement, parliament will elect an interim president and install a transitional government for a four-month term.

Michel Martelly is constitutionally barred from seeking re-election but has thrown his weight behind Jovenel Moise, a banana exporter who won the first round of the presidential election in November.

However, the result has been contested by the opposition challenger, Jude Celestin.

Jude Celestin accused the electoral authorities of favoring Jovenel Moise and threatened to pull out of the runoff vote.

PM Evans Paul – who is due to remain in his post until parliament agrees his replacement – has appealed for calm.

On February 5, protesters beat a man to death in the capital, Port-au-Prince, in a clash with ex-soldiers.

Former Haiti President Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier has died of a heart attack in the capital Port-au-Prince at the age of 63, official sources say.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was just 19 when in 1971 he inherited the title of “president-for-life” from his father, the notorious Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

Baby Doc was accused of corruption, human rights abuses and repression in his rule, which ended in a 1986 uprising.

After years of exile in France, Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti in 2011.

His death was announced by Haiti’s health minister, and the ex-leader’s attorney Reynold Georges confirmed he died at home on Saturday, October 4.

At the time of his swearing in, Jean-Claude Duvalier was the youngest president in the world.

Former Haiti President Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier has died of a heart attack in the capital Port-au-Prince at the age of 63

Former Haiti President Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier has died of a heart attack in the capital Port-au-Prince at the age of 63

Initially it seemed that there could be a significant move away from his father’s harsh regime, underpinned as it was by Haiti’s notorious secret police, the Tontons Macoutes.

Jean-Claude Duvalier moved closer to the Americans, from whom his father had been estranged. US businesses moved in and he allowed limited press freedom.

However, he lived lavishly. His state-sponsored wedding reportedly cost $5 million in 1980, while most of the people in his ravaged nation endured the worst poverty in the Western hemisphere.

Repression continued, too, and amid massive unrest in 1986 he fled to France.

Human rights groups say thousands of political prisoners were tortured or killed under Jean-Claude Duvalier’s rule, and he was accused of massive corruption.

He described his return to Haiti – a year after it was devastated by a major earthquake, as a gesture of solidarity to the nation.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested and charged, and although released he finally appeared in court in February 2013, where in an emotionally-charged hearing in front of some of his alleged victims, he denied responsibility for abuses carried out during his time as president.

Judges ruled Jean-Claude Duvalier could face crimes against humanity charges, but the case had stalled some time before he died.

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