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Now and then, we come across fearful news of mass shootings and alarming gun violence. And, amidst all this, we must be aware of how we can control this violence. The timely information regarding gun violence is that there are some great ways by which we can handle this to a significant extent. In this essay, we are going to discuss how we can curb the raging pestilence of gun violence and stop the violence from spreading any further.

Without any shadow of a doubt, many people lose their lives by gun killings. And keeping all the other reasons away, we must prevent this before it goes out of hand for the sake of humanity only.

According to gun violence statistics, more than 30,000 people lose their lives every day worldwide due to a bullet lodged in their bodies.

We can not deny the fact that these deaths happen due to the lack of will by the governance or underinvestment aimed to prevent these killings.

Pass Gun Laws That Actually Reduce Gun Laws

Gun violence results from a lack of intervention of stern laws against it.

5% of the homicides are even done with military-grade rifles, which shows the flaws in the laws. According to gun control essay examples published in known magazines like JAMA, showed that countries with strict laws and restrictions against multiple and easy purchases of guns recorded lower rates of gun-related homicide.

The right-to-carry laws are becoming dangerous. The right to carry guns for citizens with evidential requirements has spiked killings by at least 15%.

Orders regarding gun-violence restraining is another point of attraction for lawmakers. This law will enforce a temporary bar on a person who seems at risk of possessing any firearms. Police are allowed to seize firearms whenever they want to.

These laws can certainly lower gun-related crimes, and many studies have proved it.

Nonetheless, the most prominent shortcoming of laws is that there are some evident loopholes to evade them. Gun killings have even crept their way to education sectors. Some weapons are being available to underage students. The news of gun violence in schools and colleges is simply heart-wrenching.

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Invest In Smart Gun Technology

In January 2013 press conference, U.S. President Barack Obama had said that “If we can set it up so you can’t unlock your phone unless you have got the right fingerprint, then why can’t we do the same for our guns?”

This particular saying from the President had spiked the idea of making smart gun technology. Guns are way smarter than they were before. Nowadays, firearms can be monitored, controlled, and regulated exactly like mobile phones. However, the technology is still under supervision and has a path to get more trustworthy. In fact, there are no smart guns as of yet in the United States.

The main concern behind this is that the gun makers, as well as the users, believe that the technology will fail during utmost requirement. And hence acceptance of smart guns is pretty low.

End Legal Immunity For Gun Violence

Federal laws have been protecting the gun industry.

There were lawsuits passed in the past that had certainly helped gun violence to increase. Experts say that if laws hold the manufacturers responsible for misusing any of their products, they will be instinctive towards making safer firearms.

Fund Gun Violence Prevention Research

More research on guns to make them safer will automatically lower the probabilities of violent homicides.

According to a study by American Medical Association, research regarding gun violence should have received 1.4 billion dollars, but currently, only 22 million dollars were funded to it. This is around 1.6% of the money they should have been received by now.

The yearly budget should a lot immediate hike in money expenditure in this field of research against firearm violence. 


We, along with our society, are being used to these types of violence day by day. Tragedies such as gun killings are homicides are being a sort of day-to-day routine.

But, this has to step one day or the other. If not completely stopped, we can try our best to prevent it to a significant extent. This is our right to enjoy a weekend in our house, send our children to playgrounds, go to offices, drive our cars back home and shop at shopping malls, stroll all around our loved city without any fear of being shot.

Hand-in-hand together, we can create an unfathomable barricade against gun-related violence and change our society for the better.


Liam Neeson has been criticized by the firearms company that provided the guns for Taken 3 for his comments about US gun laws.

PARA USA said it “regrets” working with Liam Neeson after he said the proliferation of guns in the US was a “disgrace”.

The company added that it would cut ties with the Taken franchise and urged other companies to do the same.

“There’s just too many… guns out there,” Liam Neeson told Dubai’s Gulf News last week.

“Especially in America.”Liam Neeson Taken 3

The actor continued: “I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America.

“I think it’s a disgrace. Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing, <<Yet another few kids have been killed in schools>>.”

Liam Neeson made his comments in reply to a question about the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris earlier in the month.

The star, who has took on the role of ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills in all three Taken films, said the gun problem was not connected to Hollywood’s action movies.

“I grew up watching cowboy movies, loved doing that [gun gesture] with my fingers, <<Bang, bang, you’re dead!>> I didn’t end up a killer,” he said.

“A character like Bryan Mills going out with guns and taking revenge: it’s fantasy.”

PARA USA said Liam Neeson’s comments reflected a “cultural and factual ignorance that undermines support of the Second Amendment and American liberties”.

The company wrote on its Facebook page: “We will no longer provide firearms for use in films starring Liam Neeson and ask that our friends and partners in Hollywood refrain from associating our brand and products with his projects.”

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Children from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman killed 26 people last month, are to start the new term at what police say is the US’s “safest school”.

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown has been closed since Adam Lanza killed 20 pupils and six staff on December 14.

Chalk Hill, a disused middle school in nearby Monroe, has been renovated by an 80-strong team and renamed Sandy Hook.

The use of furniture from Sandy Hook had turned it into “a very cheerful elementary school”, officials said.

Extra security measures were being taken at the new school, such as stopping every vehicle that entered the school grounds, said Monroe Police Department’s Lieutenant Keith White.

“I think right now it has to be the safest school in America,” he said.

Children from Sandy Hook Elementary School are to start the new term at Chalk Hill, a disused middle school in nearby Monroe

Children from Sandy Hook Elementary School are to start the new term at Chalk Hill, a disused middle school in nearby Monroe

Acting Principal Donna Page, who has replaced the slain school head Dawn Hochsprung, wrote to parents of pupils that the school was “safe, secure and fully operational”.

Parents would be allowed to stay in the school during class-time on Thursday to reassure their children, she added.

“That being said, we encourage students to take the bus to school in order to help them return to familiar routines as soon as possible,” she wrote.

Adam Lanza, 20, carried out the attack after killing his mother, the legal owner of the weapons, which included a semi-automatic rifle.

He later shot himself, and was reportedly buried over the weekend after his father, a tax executive, retrieved his body from the authorities last week.

The shooting revived fierce debate over America’s controversial gun control laws, with some pro-gun politicians saying it had prompted them to change their views on the issue.

The Obama administration has indicated it will look for ways to tighten gun laws, and President Barack Obama has given his deputy, Joe Biden, the task of establishing a set of “concrete proposals” within weeks.

Barack Obama has said he would support reinstating an assault weapons ban that lapsed in 2004.

The White House has also suggested the president would back other gun control measures on high-capacity ammunition clips as well as closing loopholes that allow people to buy guns without background checks.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), a powerful US lobbying group, argues against more regulation, saying teachers in schools should be armed in order to better defend students if a shooting occurs.

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