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A private funeral service was held in Gorleston, Norfolk, on April 8 for singer Lil’ Chris, who died last month.

The life of Lil’ Chris, real name was Chris Hardman, has been celebrated at his hometown of Lowestoft.Lil Chris funeral

After the funeral service, friends and family gathered at Claremont Pier to release green balloons – chosen to match the 24-year-old’s favorite color.

Lil’s Chris’ friend George Goddard, 23, said it was “what Chris would have wanted”.

Chris Hardman, who rose to fame in Channel 4’s Rock School, was found dead last month at a house in Lowestoft.

After the funeral, a larger group gathered at Lowestoft’s Zoo bar to toast Chris Hardman with a round of his favorite drink, whisky and Coke.