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In a bid to help tackle the spread of “fake news”, Google has added its fact check feature to search results globally.

Google will now highlight “authoritative sources” in search results, with a summary of claims that have been fact-checked.

The search giant says sites will be judged authoritative by an algorithm and the company will not be fact-checking news stories itself.

On April 6, Facebook announced a campaign to help people spot fake news.

Image source Google

Google introduced its fact check feature on its News search site in October 2016, but has now added it to its regular search results.

Publishers who have investigated a claim, for example a politician’s statements, will be displayed more prominently.

A summary of the fact-checked statements and whether they are judged to be true or false will also appear.

However, the feature will not affect the order of search results and will not label sites known to spread false information as untrustworthy.

Google acknowledged that different publishers may draw opposing conclusions about the validity of a news story or statement, but said the feature would help people understand the “degree of consensus” on a topic.