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M&S Formula Advanced Skin Solutions Illumin-ATP 1 Minute Facial has been designed to deliver a post-facial glow in just 60 seconds, injecting an immediate dose of radiance.

The new mask could be the answer to problem dehydrated skin as it works to renew skin in one minute by “boosting micro circulation and reviving skin” through exfoliation.

The facial contains a blend of ATP, algin (a moisture boosting seaweed extract), and exfoliating papaya extract.

M&S Formula Advanced Skin Solutions Illumin-ATP 1 Minute Facial has been designed to deliver a post-facial glow in just 60 seconds

M&S Formula Advanced Skin Solutions Illumin-ATP 1 Minute Facial has been designed to deliver a post-facial glow in just 60 seconds

ATP is the skin’s power source, storing energy and transferring it to where it is required, giving cells an instantly available energy to power cellular processes such as metabolism and cell turnover.

Together, they help the complexion appear brighter with renewed luminescence.

The dual exfoliator works to deliver a post-facial radiance to skin as well as a renewed smoothness and softness in record speed.

It is said that after a month of use once or twice a week, users’ complexion will appear less fatigued and dull as the skin looks brighter, more luminous and feels more energized.

When the team behind the product tested 97 women with “dull or fatigued skin”, 94% reported the 1 Minute Facial left their skin feeling renewed.

It is advised to use Illumin-ATP 1 Minute Facial  once or twice a week, morning or evening, and to gently massage it into damp skin, allowing the beads to exfoliate.

You can wash it off after one minute to “reveal instantly glowing skin”.

The range has been formulated with Swiss laboratories with guidance from Swiss skincare expert Dr. Jacqueline Hill.


Emma Stone revealed she has a rather budget approach when it comes to her beauty routine and says she uses baking soda to exfoliate her skin.

Emma Stone, 24, told France’s ELLE magazine that she uses baking soda, which costs as little as $1 and is traditionally used as a raising agent for cakes and bread, to “scrub” her face and get rid of dry patches.

Josh Peterson of The Discovery Network’s Planet Green writes: “Baking soda makes a top-notch exfoliation. Why? Baking soda is coarse, but not too coarse.

“It’s the best amount of coarse for removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and if applied correctly, it won’t cause your sensitive facial skin to become red and irritated.”

He recommends mixing a teaspoon of the powder to a facial cleanser and massaging the concoction into the skin. This should be repeated two to three times a week.

Emma Stone says she uses baking soda to exfoliate her skin

Emma Stone says she uses baking soda to exfoliate her skin

On the haircare front, Arizona-born Emma Stone says she always tries to use deep conditioning masks and products to keep her dyed tresses in good condition.

She explained: “I’m not really in the know when it comes to haircare. But since I’ve become blonde again, I use specially adapted products.

“Otherwise, I’m a fan of coconut oil hair masks as before applying shampoo.”

It appears that Emma Stone is equally low-key when it comes to her fitness plan and admits she hardly ever works out, preferring to practice relaxing techniques like yoga instead.

She said: “At the moment I don’t do that much, but I know I need to change that. I’m trying to get into yoga, I like it and apparently it’s very good for you.

“As well as yoga, I do a bit of meditation.”

Emma Stone also says she has a junk food habit and claims to not watch what she eats.

Quizzed about her best diet tip, Emma Stone replied: “Nothing in particular, but I should start to, I eat way too much sugar.”

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With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season.

See experts’ recommendations here:

GOAL: Radiant, glowing skin

Expert: Sarah Chapman, whose High Definition Facial is almost as famous as her client list, which includes Queen Rania of Jordan, Naomi Watts and Jemma Kidd.

Recommendation: Facial massage every other day is unbeatable for getting an instant glow. Use your knuckles (held in loose fists) and finger tips to roll, knead and drum life back into your skin.

These movements stimulate lymphatic drainage on puffy complexions and boost the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Massage used in combination with your skincare products increases their performance.

Once a week, try a mask (Skinesis Instant Miracle Mask, SpaceNK) to brighten, clarify and lift skin.

Layering a serum underneath a face mask packs an added punch.

You can make your own nourishing mask using a mixture of honey, a dash of olive oil and natural yogurt or avocado.

Or mix together some yogurt and large oatmeal flakes for an exfoliating at-home peel.

Best tip: For a cooling, de-puffing and revitalizing treatment straight from your kitchen, pour a small amount of water into a balloon, leave in your freezer and simply wrap in a cloth and roll all over the face before you apply your make-up.

It ends up looking like a giant ice cube sausage. This mini treatment will de-puff and bring an instant rosy glow.

GOAL: Shiny, healthy hair

Expert: Daniel Galvin Junior, an award-winning colorist whose clients include Kelly Brook, Holly Valance and Amanda Holden.

Recommendation: The most important things to focus on are detoxifying and nourishing the hair.

You can do an at-home hair detox treatment by mixing a quarter of a tablespoon of vitamin C powder, the same amount of cider vinegar and half a cup of hot water to freshly washed hair for a deep cleanse.

You can also deep condition your hair at home with a detox mask (try Daniel Galvin Junior Organics Hair Repair & Gloss, dgjorganics.com).

When applying a hair mask at home, gently warm a hand towel in the microwave and wrap it around the hair for 20 minutes – the heat intensifies the treatment, helping it last around three weeks.

Remember, if you’re planning a haircut or color before Christmas, book appointments now before salons get booked up.

Best tip: If you are going to try an up-do over the party season, start practicing a week before and go through “dry runs” to figure out how long it will take and to avoid any pitfalls.

With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season

With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season

GOAL: A smoother décolletage

Expert: Skincare specialist Nichola Joss, whose A-list clients include Zoe Ball, Elle Macpherson and Tilda Swinton.

Recommendation: The skin on your décolletage is really delicate, so be gentle with it. You don’t need special products for that area; use the same ones you use on your face.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day and include your neck and chest.

Using facial toner on the area really helps tighten the skin. Always apply plenty of moisturizer with an SPF during the day – even in the winter months.

Before bedtime, substitute facial oil for moisturizer, which will hydrate more deeply (try The Sanctuary Active Reverse Lipid Recovery Facial Oil, Boots).

Skin in this area is too sensitive for exfoliation, but to make skin look plumper and more radiant, apply a firming mask twice a week.

Best tip: Disguising crepey skin with deep lines on your chest area is difficult.

Don’t apply foundation to the area – it will simply sit in the grooves, which can be ageing. Instead, try using an illuminator (St Tropez Gold Skin Illuminator, johnlewis.com) mixed in with your day cream. It gives the impression of more radiant skin.

GOAL: Fewer wrinkles

Expert: Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Veronique Simon, whose clients include actresses Charlotte Rampling and Catherine Deneuve.

Recommendation: If you are considering Botox (where small injections are applied locally to facial muscles and temporarily paralyze them to reduce fine lines and wrinkles) or fillers (where substances like hyaluronic acid are injected into deeper lines to plump them out) before Christmas, this is the best time to have them, as you may need at least a one-week healing period after these treatments.

To aid healing, I recommend Arnica Cream – try Nelsons Arnica Cream, (Holland & Barrett), which minimizes any light bruising.

As a rejuvenating treatment, I recommend mesotherapy. This involves several small injections to the face that contain a cocktail of youth-boosting vitamins and plumping hyaluronic acid to improve the quality of the skin.

The effects can be seen after one treatment, but have a couple of sessions two to three weeks apart for best results.

Best tip: I always recommend my clients follow three rules: peel – I prefer micropeel, which is deep peeling to eliminate dead skin and promote collagen production (Simontherapie Gold Acid Free Micropeel, simontherapie.com); hydrate – choose something extremely hydrating such as Nivea Creme (Superdrug); and protect – guard the skin against free radicals with a good dose of antioxidants from a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.