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Shopping online can be intimidating, especially if you’re looking for furniture. There are tons of horror stories that exist when it comes to bad furniture purchases. You may have one of your own that has stopped you from buying online. However, with the busy lives we all lead, wouldn’t it be great if there was an online store you could trust? Well, 1Stop Bedrooms is that store.

Shopping online will give you options you won’t get from a retail location. One of the more obvious is you can browse free of pressure. There is no salesperson following you around trying to rush you into making a decision. Online, you can read the specifications, features, and reviews. Take your time and compare sets before making a purchase. This kind of transparency allows you to make a well-informed decision.

The low-cost guarantee ensures there is a set for every budget. With up to thirty-six months of financing available, as well as free shipping on every order, you won’t find a better deal.

Search the brand name manufacturers and find a quality set for every room. Start with your living room since it’s a high-traffic area. There are leather and fabric sets to provide comfortable seating for you and your guests. If you don’t have a guest room, pick up a sleeper sofa for visitors.

Another space that serves many purposes is the dining area. There are dining sets of all sizes and in different shapes. Whether you want round, square, or rectangular, there’s a table that’s just right for you. Add personality to the set with a dining bench and fill any space with a cabinet or sideboard that complements the pieces.

Take a look at the complete bedroom sets that come in every style. There’s glam, French, contemporary, and more to choose from. Polish the look with comforters, pillows, and other accessories that show off your creativity.

Add pieces that meet your lifestyle needs. If you use make-up or want a dedicated space to refresh your look, a bedroom vanity has great storage and surface space for your items. Armoires and chests provide additional storage for your garments. Jewelry armoires are an attractive option to keep your valuables safely tucked away.

Think about how you plan to use the other spaces in your home. Do you want a game room? If so,  you’ll find game tables and sets that will provide hours of entertainment for your friends. Do you enjoy playing bartender from time to time? Then sort through the bar and wine cabinets for pieces designed for any space. Is there a home office? Then take a look at the desks, bookcases, filing cabinets, and other accessories that add to the room’s purpose.

1Stop is the only stop you have to make for your home furniture. You’ll find brand-name furniture for every room at sale prices that the competition will not beat. When your friends ask where you bought your new sets, you can brag, “I bought it here”.


Most of us are willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion; if wearing tight, pinching shoes means you’re going to look good, you’re willing to wear them. We do this in our interior decorating too.


Admit it: at some point in your life, you’ve considered protecting your couch in a plastic cover because you wanted the fabric to remain pristine. You may even have gone as far as calling the plastic covers “retro.” They’re not—plastic couch covers are a major interior design don’t. Then there is the chair you won’t let any of your family members sit on; it’s reserved for guests only.


You don’t have to forego the small incidentals in life to have the classy living room style you want. If you’re looking for the perfect functional chair to complete your living room ensemble, just follow this how-to guide!


The Inception of the Perfect Chair

There are hundreds of chair styles in interior design. Five of the most notable include:


  • Model 3107, Designer: Arne Jacobsen
  • Louis Ghost chair, Designer: Philippe Starck
  • Eames Lounge chair, Designer(s): Charles and Ray Eames
  • Omstak chair, Designer(s): OMK Associates
  • Barcelona chair, Designer: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
    Photo Flickr Tilton Lane

    Photo Flickr Tilton Lane


Furniture and product designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Mies van der Rohe made it their personal mission to design furniture pieces that were stylish, ergonomic, functional and timeless. In designing what they deemed the perfect chair, these designers paid a great amount of attention to the materials, form and balance of the chair. Using materials like plastic, steel, leather, fabric and wood with compression-molding technology, the affordable, luxury-quality chair was born.


Finding Your Perfect Chair

As a homeowner, you won’t want to have to replace your furniture every few years simply because it’s gone out of style. Replacing furniture with every new trend is costly and wasteful. This is why it’s important to get your aesthetic right the first time.


It’s helpful to start with looking at the architectural elements found in the living room of your home. Does your living room have ornately detailed crown molding and plush carpeting? Maybe your living room has whitened pine floors and an angled modern fire place. Do you think the same chair could be placed in these two living rooms? In an ideal world, yes, the same chair would work in both living spaces. In the real world however, that doesn’t work.


Like their dwellers, every living room has its own flair. The carpeting, shape and even the window treatments of your living space will all contribute to the look of the chair. And while the chair should reflect the overall aesthetic of your home, it should also be comfortable.


Fortunately with the wide selection of modern chairs available on the internet, we can get a good idea of what we like and don’t like as far as available styles. But style is just one element. It should also be comfortable, something you want to sit in every day.


Finding the Perfect Chair

There are three steps to take in selecting a chair, and are as follows:


  1. Take a seat in the chair. Move around in it, lean back; test out how flexible the chair is. Does the chair move with your body, or is it stiff and rigid? If you can’t sit comfortably in the chair in the first five minutes, then it’s not a good chair for you.


  1. Examine the materials the chair is made of. There are plenty of great chairs made out of recyclable materials, and while sustainability isn’t important to everyone, it’s comforting on a whole other level to know your prized chair was reborn from a past life.


  1. Determine if you need armrests. Some of us like to prop up our elbows when we’re reading a book or looking through a magazine. If you don’t typically use armrests, then you probably won’t need it for your living room chair.


Who knew a chair was so important to the living space? Now go out there and find the chair that’s just right for you.


Spring is the perfect time to give your home a makeover. The warmer days, with their additional daylight, will give you the impetus to renew your living space.

Here are five ideas to use when renovating your house.


1. The walls

Why not take some inspiration from the experts? It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can transform a room and if you want to get some additional ideas on colour and wall coverings take a look at The Ideal Home website. Remember that even though virulent green, for example, may be the colour of choice for interior designers, it might not suit your house, especially if the rooms are small. Sometimes it’s better to opt for more neutral colours and then personalise the space with some pictures or lighting effects.

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a makeover

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a makeover (photo Imgur)


2. The floor

An old carpet can very easily make a room look tired and unloved. If the carpet is threadbare, and beyond repair, this might be a good time to think of an alternative floor covering. You might consider a visit to a specialist such as www.easystepflooring.co.uk in order to have a look at natural wooden floors. These are easy to clean, and they will enhance the natural dimensions of your room.


3. The main bedroom

All too often busy parents spend their time and energy on their children’s rooms and neglect the appearance of their own room. A bedroom should be the place where you can relax at the end of an arduous day. Take a good look around the room; see if you can include a comfortable chair with your décor. The lighting should be calming; a dimmer switch is always a good idea. Good Housekeeping is an excellent resource for new ideas. Sometimes you just need to change the soft furnishings to affect a total transformation.


4. Furniture

It may be too expensive to replace all of your furniture, but you can always reupholster tired sofas and chairs. If your room is small, try not to choose a busy or vibrant pattern. You can always visit your local charity shop or auction house for additional furniture and restoring good quality wooden desks or chairs can actually be good fun. If you are following an overall theme for your house, try to stick to it. Though, with shabby chic, the rules demand to be broken.


5. Lighting

Most rooms can be enhanced with clever lighting. A single overhead light can be very harsh, so why not balance the appearance of your room with a mix of sidelights, spots and dimmed lights? Halogen bulbs are useful for mimicking daylight if your room is dark. You can also use tinted light bulbs, rather than the standard white variety. Remember that a simple change of lampshades can also change your room’s ambience.


You don’t have to spend a fortune when transforming your home. As long as you employ a little imagination, carry out some research and be realistic about the effect that you are trying to achieve, you’ll be able to give your house the makeover it deserves.