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Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has been one part of a travelling trio during her campaign trail in Florida this week.

Campaigning for Mitt Romney on a bus tour through the swing state, which is expected to play a key role in the upcoming presidential election, the 63-year-old was accompanied by her two grandsons, 6-year-old Parker and 4-year-old Miles.

Ann Romney tweeted: “Love having Parker and Miles with me on our bus tour. Here’s a pic of us having some fun on the @RomneyBus.”

As the matriarch of a family of 30, Ann Romney also appeared on an episode of The Rachel Ray Show earlier today, giving away her mass-shopping secrets.

She watched the show with both of her grandsons from their hotel suite in Florida, the boys relishing seeing their grandmother on the small screen.

On the show, Ann Romney revealed that for roughly $137.50, she says she can feed her five sons as well as their families, a total of 30 people, for just $4.50 a head.

Ann Romney credits this budget shopping-list to Costco, where she admitted she “always starts at”.

While filling a shopping cart up with spinach, raspberries, frozen cream puffs and the family’s staple, pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, Ann Romney said: “The great thing about frozen desserts, they’re always ready to go.”

She added: “Wholesale shops are big, you have to go with a game plan before you start.

“There are great deals on fresh produce… My other favorite thing, I have to say, is I never leave without raspberries and blueberries.”

Ann Romney is campaigning for her husband on a bus tour through the swing state with her two grandsons, Parker and Miles

Ann Romney is campaigning for her husband on a bus tour through the swing state with her two grandsons, Parker and Miles

Ann Romney added: “And with frozen cream puffs, you can personalize them by adding chocolate sauce and ice-cream.”

She also spoke about suffering from multiple sclerosis while raising a family.

Ann Romney said: “When I was first diagnosed with MS and my husband was taking care of me, he discovered rotisserie chicken.”

“Rotisserie chicken is every cooks best friend,” she said.

“You want to buy it at the end of your shopping so it doesn’t heat up the food that’s in the rest of your basket.”

The Romney’s buffet-style family dinners often consist of home-made creamed spinach, pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, honey-mustard dipping sauce, roasted butternut squash, frozen cream puffs with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

While also preparing Mitt Romney’s favorite dish, meatloaf cakes, on the show, she said: “Mitt is not a picky eater. He will eat anything you put in front of him.”

This isn’t the first time Ann Romney has endorsed Costco.

In August this year, Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked the Romneys about hearing that they have an “unhealthy attraction” to Costco.

“We both love Costco,” said Ann Romney.

“It’s got great produce,” agreed the former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate.

“She also got me one of these three-packs of shirts the other day from Costco. And they’re very nice shirts,” he added.

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