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John Travolta has won the legal battle against Robert Randolph, the author of a book who claims the actor frequented gay bathhouses.

Robert Randolph, author of You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, has unsuccessfully sued John Travolta for libel.

The author claimed John Travolta and his lawyer conspired to discredit him and his book by spreading lies about his mental health.

A letter fired off and allegedly leaked by John Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer also stated Robert Randolph’s book was packed with lies.

Subsequently the judge overseeing the case dismissed it yesterday, agreeing with John Travolta and Marty Singer’s lawyer Lynda Goldman.

The judge ruled the letter was a legitimate part of the legal dispute over the book, and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

This means essentially that John Travolta and Marty Singer cannot be sued over the letter. Meanwhile, John Travolta has faced a barrage of gay claims.

John Travolta has won the legal battle against Robert Randolph

John Travolta has won the legal battle against Robert Randolph

Compounded with allegations by a slew of characters citing his inappropriate same sex advances.

In recent months, John Travolta’s sexuality became a hot topic again when he was accused by several men of sexually harassing them.

John Travolta has long remained mum about his sexuality and though he has denied the accusations.

The actor has also yet to speak openly about the allegations of sexual impropriety.

In May, three months after the aforementioned tell-all book was released, two masseurs filed lawsuits.

They claimed he had inappropriately touched them in incidents in Beverly Hills and Atlanta.

Both men whose identities were withheld in court documents dropped their lawsuits later that month.

Now, two more claims have surfaced.

One was from a man who filed an assault-and-battery claim against John Travolta in U.S. District Court on June 21 for an incident he alleges occurred on a cruise ship in 2009.

Fabian Zanzi, a cruise-ship employee, claims John Travolta made unwanted sexual advances toward him and is asking for a jury trial to determine compensation.

The next day, Robert Randolph filed his lawsuit against the actor and his lawyer for libel in Los Angeles Superior Court.