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Comedian Catherine Tate and Take That singer Jason Orange have been involved in a secret romance over the recent months, according to sources.

Catherine Tate, 43, and Jason Orange, 41, first met when they took part in a Comic Relief sketch back in March. According to a source, they have been on a string of dates in recent weeks, including an overnight trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The source told The Sun: “They were trying to keep things secret but looked very loved up and happy together.

“It’s a very unlikely pairing but they have really hit it off. They’ve been on a number of dates to the theatre and the cinema.

“They really enjoy each other’s company. Catherine deserves someone nice and she has landed on her feet with Jason.

“But they have both been desperate to keep their romance secret.”


Jason Orange has been dating Catherine Tate over the recent months

Jason Orange has been dating Catherine Tate over the recent months


Catherine Tate and Jason Orange first struck up a friendship when she took on the role of Jason in spoof band Fake That for the sketch.

Catherine Tate starred alongside James Corden, Alan Carr, Kevin Bishop and David Walliams as the fake Take That.

They were getting on well while filming the sketch and, afterwards, stayed in touch and their romance is thought to have blossomed this summer, following Catherine Tate’s split from stage manager partner Twig Clark.

Catherine Tate and Jason Orange have been spotted at A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Stratford, on dates to the cinema, the National Theatre and at a coffee shop near Jason’s flat in West London.

Catherine Tate became famous after she played Lauren Cooper and she is well-known for her catchphrase “Am I Bovvered?” in her TV sketch show.

Catherine Tate, who has also a significant theatre career, has been recently starred alongside David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing.

While Catherine Tate’s most recent relationship was with Twig Clark, who was stage manager for her play at the National Theatre, Jason Orange has remained quiet about his personal life during his time in the spotlight.

Jason Orange has been romantically linked during the time to stars including singer Lulu and TV presenter Jenny Powell.

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