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When a house, office, or room is small, there is a fine line between comfortable and cramped. While most people appreciate having the room to spread out, a larger space isn’t always possible or affordable in some areas. But this doesn’t mean that one has to settle for living in perpetual clutter. It is possible to make a smaller-than-average space feel roomy and neat. Accomplishing this feat often requires careful consideration and a few creative tricks.

Create a Clean and Clutter-Free Space

Creating extra space is a good time to clean up an area by removing any unwanted and unused items. Generally, these are the things that take up space but have no real purpose. Divide these items into piles that can be given away, sold online or in a garage sale, donated, or thrown out. For unused items that are difficult to part with, consider renting an outside storage unit.

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Add the Right Colors

The idea of adding color to a small space may initially sound like the wrong thing to do; however, the right colors can make a room feel open, airy, and spacious. Generally, lighter colors have the ability to make a space look larger than it is. A monochromatic color scheme, using various shades of one color, is also helpful in adding depth and dimension to a space. If brighter colors are desired, use them sparingly and not on focal pieces.

Bring in Light

Whether artificial or natural, lighting is yet another way to open up a space. At night or in dim spaces, consider a torch lamp, which is often thin and spreads light up and out. Another, even less intrusive way to light a room is to use recessed lighting instead of a floor or desk lamp. Vertical or mini aluminum blinds are a nice alternative to heavy shades or drapes. During the day, open blinds completely to bring in the maximum amount of bright outdoor light.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage

The right type of furniture, and even certain accessorizes, can also make a space feel larger and more spacious. Wall mirrors, for example, can make a room seem longer than it is. Instead of a sofa, use a loveseat, and generally aim to avoid using large items that take up important space. Ideally, items that can be used for more than one purpose are best, as they help reduce the amount of furniture in a room. For example, furniture with hidden compartments provides smart, out-of-sight storage. Glass coffee or side tables take up little visual space courtesy of the clear surface, which makes them yet another option to consider.