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Who has not been in a situation, when you work hard, but the salary is still not satisfying? The first solution that comes to mind is to take more working hours. However, it is not the only way to make extra money.

If there is a financial emergency, it is possible to get some extra funds fast with the help of small loans.

Profit-Making Hobbies

It is a common misconception that your hobbies may bring only joy, but not money. Some pleasant activities and interests are considered to be not serious and absolutely non-profitable. A lot of successful people proved that fact to be wrong. Your passion may become a way of making money without feeling that you are actually working. For instance, if you are fond of photography, you can make shootings for other people that will be happy to pay for their photos to be done.

If you are good at any kinds of crafts like knitting, jewelry making, sewing, it is possible to sell these wares. Gardening, cooking, nails art, make-up, dancing, drawing, and anything you enjoy doing might become not only things you are good at but also a way to get some additional funds.

Passive Income Stream

Nowadays it becomes popular to have a passive income stream that does not require a lot of time and effort. Something that would bring money while you are not actually working and enjoying other activities seems to be very tempting.

A passive revenue stream requires a lot in the beginning. It is essential to create a unique and appealing content to get your audience. After getting a lot of followers, earning does not demand a lot of maintenance. It might be a well-developed and popular blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account that allows making money on advertising. It might take a while before getting results, but it is worth trying.

Drive and Earn

If you do not want to invest in a passive revenue stream or cannot wait so long until your blog will become lucrative, there is another way to make money on advertising. Your car might become an advertising space and bring you some funds while you drive to work, school or other purposes. There are companies that are eager to place their information on your transport and pay you for that. Do not forget to check your partners and make sure they are reliable before any agreement. It is possible to find some feedbacks online to avoid dealing with scammers.

Short-term Rent

If you have some real estate or a spare room that might be rented, it might be another option to earn some money. The online platforms will help you to make an announcement and find a renter. If you do not have a spare space but you are often away on weekends, it is possible to rent a room in your apartment for a short-term. While you are on vacation or visiting your parents in another city, you will still be able to make money renting your property for a week or two. Consider also checking the local laws and the rules of renting in your area to avoid fines and other troubles.

Current Job Options

Your current job can also be more profitable without any additional activities and extra working hours. Taking extra shifts might be a good solution. People are usually not eager to work on weekends, holidays or at night and the companies offer more money for working at this time. You will work the same amount of hours but they will bring more.

You may also discuss your work agreement with your boss and make a few changes. For example, some days of a week you may work from home. It will save some time for the road and you may spend it either on your other jobs or personal stuff. If you have a fixed salary, discuss getting also a bonus for good results or commissions from the sales that will motivate you and be profitable for the company as well.