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Russian authorities have decided to drop piracy charges against the first of 30 people accused of taking part in a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic.

The man has been identified as Anthony Perrett from Newport in Wales, who is now preparing to leave Russia.

He was in the group of 28 activists and two freelance journalists arrested in September as they staged a protest at a Russian offshore oil rig.

They were all charged with hooliganism – but have all been freed on bail.

They are being granted amnesty under a new Russian law which has seen several high-profile releases in recent days.

Greenpeace said on Tuesday that one man from the “Arctic 30” group had been told his case was now closed, and that others were expected to receive notice soon.

The statement did not name the man.

An earlier report saying that three people had been notified for release was later corrected.

Anthony Perrett was in the group of 28 Greenpeace activists arrested after they staged a protest at a Russian offshore oil rig

Anthony Perrett was in the group of 28 Greenpeace activists arrested after they staged a protest at a Russian offshore oil rig

Twenty-six of the group are foreigners – six of them Britons – and Greenpeace said they would be free to leave Russia once they had the right stamps in their passports.

“We know that getting those stamps would be the best Christmas present for the Arctic 30 and we hope it can happen quickly, but until such time as they do, we still cannot say when they will leave,” it said in a statement.

The detainees, from 16 different countries, had sailed to an oil rig operated by Russia’s state-run energy company Gazprom in September.

They were intercepted by Russian coastguards, who fired warning shots as some activists tried to climb on board the rig.

Their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was seized.

The group was initially charged with piracy but the charges were later reduced to hooliganism.

They denied the charges, saying their protest had been peaceful and legal.

The Russian amnesty law was passed last week by the State Duma and could see the release of some 20,000 people.

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Tasmanian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell, who is among other 30 arrested during a protest against Arctic drilling, will remain in jail for three more months pending trial, a Russian judge has ruled today.

Prosecutors have asked the courts in St Petersburg to keep all 28 activists and two journalists in jail beyond November 24, when their current detention period runs out.

Colin Russell was the first to have his case heard on Monday.

British journalist Kieron Bryon is due in court later on Monday.

The 30 have been charged with hooliganism over a protest at a Russian oil rig in the Arctic in September. The offence carries a maximum sentence of seven years.

Originally they had been charged with piracy, which carries a longer jail term.

Tasmanian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell will remain in the Russian jail for three more months

Tasmanian Greenpeace activist Colin Russell will remain in the Russian jail for three more months

Besides Colin Russell, six others have hearings on Monday. A request for bail or house arrest was denied.

Before being told he must remain in prison, Colin Russell told the judge: “I haven’t done anything wrong.

“I don’t understand the reasons why I’ve been detained. I’ve done two months’ hard time for nothing.”

Last week the 30 were moved to prisons in St Petersburg from Murmansk in the Arctic.

Greenpeace denies any wrongdoing and is urging Russia to release the detainees – who come from 18 countries – and their ship, Arctic Sunrise.

If Russia keeps all 30 in jail for another three months they will remain there during the February 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Russia in Sochi.

The environmental group’s international executive director, Kumi Naidoo, condemned the judge’s ruling against Colin Russell, saying “this case is now a circus”.

“Our friends may now be in jail for months longer, all because they made a stand for all of us in the pristine Arctic. We will continue to pursue every legal avenue we can, and leave no stone unturned, until each and every one of them is home with their families,” he said.

“We hope the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea will order their release when they adjudicate on Friday.”

Russia is not attending the UN tribunal hearing in Hamburg, as it is not party to some UN Law of the Sea dispute procedures.

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Jude Law and Damon Albarn have joined hundreds demonstrating in London over piracy charges brought by Russia against 30 Greenpeace activists.

Six British activists were among those arrested last month as they protested against oil drilling in the Arctic at a rig owned by Russian firm, Gazprom.

Relatives of the activists protested outside Russia’s London embassy.

It was one of a number of events being held in more than 40 countries.

The entire crew of the ship, Arctic Sunrise, was arrested on September 18 after two activists tried to board the Russian state-controlled oil platform in the Pechora Sea.

They have all been charged and are being held in the port of Murmansk, in northwest Russia, facing prison terms of up to 15 years.

Jude Law and Damon Albarn have joined hundreds demonstrating in London over piracy charges brought by Russia against 30 Greenpeace activists

Jude Law and Damon Albarn have joined hundreds demonstrating in London over piracy charges brought by Russia against 30 Greenpeace activists

The Britons who have been charged include freelance video producer, Kieron Bryan, and logistics co-ordinator, Frank Hewetson – both from London.

UK activists Anthony Perrett from Newport in Wales; Alexandra Harris, originally from Devon; Philip Ball from Chipping Norton; and Iain Rogers, from Exeter, have also been charged.

In London, Saturday’s protesters stood behind banners declaring, “Free the Climate Defenders”, “Journalist and Not Pirate”, and “Free The Arctic 30”.

Jude Law, who knows Frank Hewetson, said he was “exercising my right to peacefully protest”.

He added: “I am just adding my face and body to the mass of support. What is ludicrous is that they have been charged with piracy.”

Actors Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter also turned up in front of the embassy in west London to show their support for the activists.

Jim Carter described the arrests as “a ludicrous situation” and urged PM David Cameron – along with the leaders of the other 18 countries which made up the nationalities of the 30 activists – to apply pressure on Russia.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has raised the case with his Russian counterpart and said British officials would continue to raise specific concerns Greenpeace had about the legal process with Moscow.

The Netherlands has also launched legal action to free the activists. Two of its citizens are among those charged, along with people from countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Russia, and the US.

Other Greenpeace protests took place in cities including Madrid, Moscow, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Istanbul.