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President Barack Obama praised Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, as the most qualified person ever to run for the White House.

He urged voters to help continue his legacy by carrying Hillary Clinton to victory at the polls in November.

Barack Obama said voters faced a choice between hope and fear, attacking “homegrown demagogue” Republican Donald Trump.

Donald Trump rejected the president’s optimistic portrayal tweeting: “Our country does not feel <great already> to the millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair.”

Vice-President Joe Biden also delivered his own spirited address, saying Donald Trump “backs torture”, “religious intolerance” and “betrays our values”.

“He has no clue about what makes America great,” Joe Biden said, before the crowd started chanting, “Not a clue!”

President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a rare joint interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes

President Barack Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a rare joint interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes

Barack Obama closed the evening by recounting his key victories over his past eight years in office and painting an optimistic future for the country.

He extolled Hillary Clinton’s character, calling her a “leader with real plans to break down barriers, blast through glass ceilings and widen the circle of opportunity to every single American”.

However, the president also addressed Donald Trump’s grim portrait of America, noting it was “not the America I know”.

Instead, President Obama described his nation as “full of courage”, “decent and generous”, but also concerned about racial divisions and “frustrated with political gridlock”.

Praising the qualities of American people, Barack Obama addressed them directly when he said: “Time and again, you’ve picked me up. I hope, sometimes, I picked you up, too.

“Tonight, I ask you to do for Hillary Clinton what you did for me.  I ask you to carry her the same way you carried me.”

Hilalry Clinton joined the president on stage for a hug after he finished speaking.

In his response, Donald Trump said in a statement that the Democrats had described a vision of America that did not exist for most people.

Seventy percent of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track, said the Republican nominee, who defied all predictions to win the Republican primary contest.

“Never has a party been so disconnected from what is happening in our world.”

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine took the stage to “humbly” accept his party’s nomination for vice-president and then go on the attack.

“Folks, you cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” he said.

The crowd then erupted into chants of “Not one word!”

Hillary Clinton will officially accept the nomination on July 28, setting up an election fight with Donald Trump that will take them to the presidential election in November.

Bill Clinton has backed why his wife and “best friend” Hillary for president at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Bill Clinton told the audience that Hillary was the “best darn change-maker I’ve ever known”.

In a very personal speech, the former president spoke warmly about how they met and her dedication to public service.

Hours earlier, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be officially nominated for president by any major US party.

Hillary Clinton ended the night with a video message, saying: “I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.

“And if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, I may become the first woman president but one of you is next.”

Hillary and Bill Clinton were to headline Senator Tom Harkin's annual steak fry fundraiser in rural Indianola

Hillary and Bill Clinton were to headline Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry fundraiser in rural Indianola

Earlier, Bill Clinton shared the story of how he and Hillary met at Yale Law School in the spring of 1971.

“I married my best friend,” said the ex-president.

“We’ve been walking and talking and laughing together ever since.”

Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, was uniquely qualified to be president, her husband said.

“Hillary opened my eyes to a whole new world of public service by private citizens,” Bill Clinton said before recounting her early career.

Hours before he spoke, Hillary Clinton passed the 2,382 delegates needed to claim the nomination after South Dakota announced its delegate vote count.

In a symbolic gesture of party unity, former Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders took the microphone to declare Hillary Clinton as the nominee by acclamation, to an eruption of cheers.

The second night of the Democratic convention focused on race and justice, topics that dominated last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Dissention on the convention floor plagued the first day when Bernie Sanders supporters booed throughout the event.

At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton called for a vote for Barack Obama by acclamation, ending the roll call vote in an effort to unite the party behind his candidacy.

Hillary Clinton will face off against Donald Trump in November.

Recent national polls suggest Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be in a tight race for the White House.

Hillary Clinton met her defeated rival Bernie Sanders after winning the final primary in Washington DC.

In statements, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and her rival said they had discussed the campaign, unifying the party and the “dangerous threat” posed by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders vowed to do all he could to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, but has not endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Photo USA Today

Photo USA Today

Hillary Clinton got nearly 80% of the vote in June 14 Washington DC primary.

During their meeting, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discussed common goals, including raising wages for working families and reducing the cost of university education.

The Vermont senator had earlier said the meeting would enable him to determine Hillary Clinton’s commitment to the issues he has campaigned on.

Bernie Sanders – who won primaries in 22 states – has said he will urge the party to be more inclusive of young people and working-class voters at the Democratic convention in July.

Last week, Bernie Sanders met President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, who both later endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has announced he will meet Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton “soon” but has not endorsed her.

After speaking with President Barack Obama, the Vermont senator said he and Hillary Clinton would be meeting to discuss their common goal of defeating Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders virtually has no path left to the Democratic nomination but has not formally dropped out.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has captured enough delegates to become the nominee.

Speaking outside the White House after his meeting with President Obama, Bernie Sanders detailed a list of issues he plans to bring to the Democratic convention in July.

Bernie Sanders said the United States, as the wealthiest nation in the world, should not have students in huge amounts of debt and seniors and veterans without adequate social security benefits.

Before his talks with Bernie Sanders, President Obama said he hoped the Democrats would “pull things together” after Hillary Clinton became the party’s presumptive nominee for president.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Bernie Sanders has said he will participate in the District of Columbia primary on June 14, despite pressure to step down from party figures.

Barack Obama stopped short of calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out, instead saying the Vermont senator had made Hillary Clinton a “better candidate”.

The president has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton and called for the party to unite against Donald Trump.

Speaking on NBC’s Tonight Show, Barack Obama admitted the race had been “ouchy”.

However, the president went on to say that this was welcome.

“It was a healthy thing for the Democratic Party to have a contested primary,” he said.

“I thought that Bernie Sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas. And he pushed the party and challenged them. I thought it made Hillary a better candidate.”

Barack Obama added: “My hope is, that over the next couple of weeks, we’re able to pull things together.”

Hillary Clinton won four out of six primaries on June 7.

Hillary Trump has pitched to Bernie Sanders’ supporters: “Bernie Sanders must really dislike Crooked Hillary after the way she played him. Many of his supporters, because of trade, will come to me.”

However, Bernie Sanders said his campaign would not support Donald Trump, “a candidate whose major theme is bigotry”.

During his interview, Barack Obama said he was “worried” for the Republicans, saying the US needed a “healthy two-party system”.