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Day of Happiness 2015


Since 2012, March 20 is being celebrated as the International Day of Happiness every year.

According to the United Nations (UN), which declared March 20 to be observed as the International Day of Happiness, the day recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal, and calls upon countries to approach public policies in ways that improve the well being of all peoples.

By designating a special day for happiness, the UN aims to focus world attention on the idea that economic growth must be inclusive, equitable, and balanced, such that it promotes sustainable development, and alleviates poverty.International Day of Happiness 2015

Additionally the UN acknowledges that in order to attain global happiness, economic development must be accompanied by social and environmental well being

The initiative to declare a day of happiness came from Bhutan – a country whose citizens are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world. The Himalayan Kingdom has championed an alternative measure of national and societal prosperity, called the Gross National Happiness Index (GNH). The GNH rejects the sole use of economic and material wealth as an indicator of development, and instead adopts a more holistic outlook, where spiritual well being of citizens and communities is given as much importance as their material well being.

For the International Day of Happiness 2015 people are invited to focus on their connections with others.

The March Equinox, also known as the Spring Equinox, often falls on March 20 as well.

In 2015, the spring equinox has the unusual distinction of coinciding with both a supermoon and a total solar eclipse.

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