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Chicago authorities have released a dashboard camera video showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times in the city in 2014.

Officer Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first-degree murder for killing Laquan McDonald, 17. Police say the teenager refused to drop a knife.

Jason Van Dyke said through his lawyer and police union he had feared for his life.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has appealed for calm in the city.

After the video was released, several hundred people held a march in Chicago, blocking traffic. During a tense but largely peaceful demonstration the crowd chanted “16 shots”.

Police use of excessive force against African Americans has been the subject of nationwide protests for months.Laquan McDonald case Chicago

Chicago has been preparing for possible protests ahead of the release the police dashcam video.

In Minneapolis on November 23, one of those protests was marred by violence when three white men opened fire at a rally, injuring five people.

In the Chicago case, a post-mortem examination showed Laquan McDonald had been shot at least twice in the back.

State lawyer Anita Alvarez said Jason Van Dyke had not been justified in shooting Laquan McDonald.

She said Laquan McDonald had been carrying a knife when he was stopped by police in 2014 but had not been threatening them or moving towards them.

Jason Van Dyke opened fire seconds after he arrived and continued shooting at the teenager as he lay on the ground, the lawyer added.

“While we expect officers to do their jobs… there are a few bad apples who go too far and break the law,” she said.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has said the video is “very troubling” and he expects a strong public reaction, though he hopes it will be “thoughtful and peaceful”.

The police union in Chicago had opposed the release of the video and said it would taint a trial jury.

Chicago police say Laquan McDonald threatened officers with a knife and slashed the tires and windows of a patrol car.

A new video showing the moments before Officer Michael Slager killed unarmed Walter Scott by shooting him in the back has been released by South Carolina police.

The new footage shows Walter Scott’s car being pulled over and Officer Michael Slager asking for his paperwork.

After Michael Slager returns to his police vehicle, Walter Scott opens his door and runs, leaving a passenger in the car.

Michael Slager was arrested on murder charges after another video showed him shooting at Walter Scott as he fled.

The newly released video from the officer’s dashboard camera shows Michael Slager pulling over Walter Scott’s Mercedes sedan due to a broken tail light, and asking for his driving license and registration.Walter Scott shooting dashcam footage

Walter Scott explains that he is in the progress of purchasing the vehicle and does not have the correct paperwork with him.

Although the video does not capture Michael Slager firing eight shots, gunshots and shouting are heard off-screen.

“Get on the ground now!” Michael Slager is heard shouting.

Later in the video, another police officer questions the passenger in the car and releases him. Lawyers for Walter Scott’s family told CNN that they are looking for the passenger.

After the first video of the incident emerged on April 7, protesters held rallies in North Charleston, chanting “no justice, no peace”.

They are the latest protests about police use of lethal force, which began after the killing of Michael Brown, a teenager in Ferguson, by a police officer who was not charged for his death.

Feidin Santana, who filmed the first video on his mobile phone, said he turned over the footage after reading the police report’s description of the killing.

“It wasn’t like that, the way they were saying,” Feidin Santana said.

Michael Slager, who is being held in jail without bond, was fired on April 8 from the North Charleston Police Department.

It has also emerged that Michael Slager had a prior complaint made against him about using force.