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Chris Brown is allegedly being charged with hit and run.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown, 24, has been hit with two criminal charges by the L.A. City Attorney.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred last month when Chris Brown allegedly rear-ended another driver but reportedly refused to give her his driver’s license or pass over correct insurance details.

The singer’s Range Rover reportedly inflicted “medium damage” on the Mercedes in Toluca Lake in May, according to a report from TMZ.

Chris Brown, who didn’t try and flee the scene, has more to lose than most as he’s still on probation for beating on and off girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.

As well as reportedly being charged with hit and run, he has also been charged with driving without a license, claim TMZ.

Each charge carries a maximum of six months in jail, however the City Attorney is said to be intent on raising the incidents with the L.A. County D.A.

Chris Brown is allegedly being charged with hit and run

Chris Brown is allegedly being charged with hit and run

Chris Brown could be in violation of his parole and if he is found guilty he could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

The singer on Tuesday spoke out about the reports on his Twitter account, calling the incident “ridiculous” and denying that he gave the other driver false details.

“It’s not a hit and run if u get out the car, exchange information (who has NO DAMAGE to either cars).This is really ridiculous,” Chris Brown wrote.

“I have a valid drivers license and I gave the woman the right info. She saw cameras and wanted to make a scene.”

Chris Brown then accused the woman of trying to make money out of the incident.

“She contacted the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when I followed the proper procedures,” he wrote.

“My lawyers will be contacting you. I will not stand for this bullying and yellow journalism!”

Chris Brown also updated his avatar on the social networking site, changing it to a picture of the Mercedes in question in an effort to prove that there was no damage done to the other car.

“Based on My profile pic is the pic I took of the  persons car after <<the hit and run>>. NO damage. Just a dirty car.once again, I gotta clear my name,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, on Monday it was claimed that Chris Brown did not harm a woman who accused him of assault at a nightclub, according to the establishment’s owner.

Deanna Gines, 24, alleges that Chris Brown pushed her to the ground while partying at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California, on Saturday.

However, the club’s owners said they have reviewed security footage and insist Chris Brown has been wrongly accused.

“Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false,” they said.

France’s far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen is facing criminal charges for inciting racism.

The French authorities opened a case against Marine Le Pen in 2011 after she likened the sight of Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation of France.

As a European Parliament member (MEP), Marine Le Pen enjoyed immunity from prosecution.

However, this protection was removed by a European parliamentary committee in a secret vote this week and it appears the vote to remove her immunity was “overwhelming”.

The vote will need to be ratified by the full parliament, but that’s expected to be a formality.

France's far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen is facing criminal charges for inciting racism

France’s far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen is facing criminal charges for inciting racism

When the parliament’s legal affairs committee first tried to consider the case, Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far right National Front party, failed to turn up.

This week she sent a fellow French MEP in her place.

The move clears the way for the French authorities to pursue a case against the leader, who steered Marine Le Pen’s party to a record 18% showing in the first round of last year’s presidential election.

Marine Le Pen made the remarks at a party rally in 2010 in the southern French town of Lyon.

She said that Muslims using the streets to pray because mosques were overflowing was an “occupation” of French territory.

Praying in the streets was banned in Paris in 2011 in response to growing far right protests.

By some estimates, as many as six million French people, or just under 10% of the population, are Muslims, with origins in France’s former North African colonies.

Their integration has been a source of political debate in recent years, and earlier this year France became the first EU state to ban the wearing of the Islamic veil in public.

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Robert Wagner has “declined to be interviewed” by police reinvestigating the death of his wife Natalie Wood.

Robert Wagner was quizzed after Natalie Wood’s drowning in 1981 but has refused to co-operate since the case was reopened, detectives said.

The body of the actress was found a mile away from the yacht she had been aboard with her husband and fellow-actor Christopher Walken in California.

It is claimed she had a “fight” with Robert Wagner before her disappearance.

Robert Wagner’s solicitor, Blair Berk, insisted the actor had nothing to hide.

In a prepared statement, Blair Berk said: “Mr. Wagner has fully co-operated over the last 30 years in the investigation of the accidental drowning of his wife in 1981.

“He has been interviewed on multiple occasions by the Los Angeles sheriff’s department and answered every single question asked of him by detectives during those interviews.”

Robert Wagner has declined to be interviewed by police reinvestigating the death of his wife Natalie Wood

Robert Wagner has declined to be interviewed by police reinvestigating the death of his wife Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood’s death was always presumed to be a tragic accident, but the case was reopened in November 2011 when the yacht’s captain, Dennis Davern, told American television shows that he heard the Hollywood couple arguing on the night of her disappearance, suggesting Robert Wagner was to blame for her death.

Blair Berk dismissed the claims as sensationalist, but earlier this week coroner’s officials released an updated autopsy report which reclassified the death from accidental drowning to drowning caused by “undetermined factors.”

The report said part of the reason for the change was because investigators could not rule out that some of the bruises and marks found on Natalie Wood’s body happened before she went into the water.

Lieutenant John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office claimed detectives have tried to interview Robert Wagner on more than 10 occasions, but had been turned down each time.

He said: “Most of the people we’ve talked to were never talked to 30 years ago. We’ve got a lot of new information.”

But when pressed on whether criminal charges could be brought, Lt John Corina claimed that would be up to prosecutors, adding: “All we can do is collect the facts. We’re still trying to collect all the facts.”

Natalie Wood, who was 43 when she died, was a Hollywood superstar best known for her roles in Miracle on 34th Street, West Side Story and Rebel Without A Cause.

On the night of her death she had been drinking with her husband and Christopher Walken on the yacht. Her body was found near an inflatable dinghy which had been attached to the craft.

In 2008, Robert Wagner, now 82, wrote in a memoir that he had argued with Christopher Walken and when he went to bed, he noticed his wife and the dinghy were missing.

“Nobody knows,” he wrote.

“There are only two possibilities; either she was trying to get away from the argument, or she was trying to tie the dinghy. But the bottom line is that nobody knows exactly what happened.”